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I hardly ever have to deal with a video game that talks about me, because RPG Time: The Legend of Wright has a beginning that cannot fail to strike anyone who has imagined an adventure in their head.

RPG Time The Legend of Wright

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XONE, XSX Genre: Adventure, RPG Release Date: Aug 18, 2022 Developer: DeskWorks Inc. Distributor:

At least once every game enthusiast has happened to imagine your favorite video gameor to invent a role-playing game and write it down in a notebook.

Adding to the stroke of the pen also the objects available which, in a child’s imagination, become anything we want.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is also the delight of fans of the do-it-yourselfthe work done by hand with materials of various kinds, because the idea of ​​building a game console with cardboard complete with customized buttons is something beautiful to see.

Looking at the screenshots of the game will probably come back to you The brave squireone of the best games presented during the Summer Game Fest.

But although the concept of the adventure that “comes to life” is very similar, that of RPG Time: The Legend of Wright is a very different story, more artisanal and delicate, if you will.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, a knight against boredom

Kenta is a ten year old boy who, like many of his age (including myself at the time), in school bored and dreams of having more fun adventures than hoping to get a good grade in… whatever kids study today.

For this, as an aspiring game developer, he builds his own Cardboarding. A world made up of a cast of unforgettable characters, fantastic places and even more unthinkable situations, all in the desk of a classroom.

Hence the idea that every element of the game is built with something done by hand. The one exception is the MP3 player that Kenta uses to play background music, but from the equipment selection screen to the life bar, everything is done with objects that a ten-year-old boy could recover (including very dangerous scissors with a non-rounded tip).

After the very brief opening of RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, you are immediately catapulted into this adventure which is one of the most classic: the hero who saves the princess from the villainin this case a Godzilla-like monster called Dethgawd.

Between puppets, cardboard cutouts and origami so complex and beautiful that they immediately make you want to learn this noble art, Kenta stages the story of the knight Wright and his perilous adventures.

It is Kenta himself who tells the story also interpreting the enemies with gods funny and botched cardboard masks that he wears from time to time, leaving the player (and his friend) only the need to experience the adventure by performing actions.

The way the game is written (in English only, unfortunately) is probably its best selling point. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright always surprises with a quote, a funny jokea well-chosen pun or a joke that parodies the stereotypes of the fantasy genre and video games.

This is because although the name may imply otherwise, RPG Time isn’t really an RPG. There are all the classic RPG situations, but it is in fact a text adventure in which to face real gameplay challenges. A more playful graphic adventure, so to speak.

This creates situations where you will sometimes find yourself reading several lines of text which, admittedly, sometimes they break the atmosphere and fun. Despite the good writing above, RPG Time lingers too long when it should let the player enjoy the flow of the moment.

Maybe after a good dialogue a potentially very funny battle is about to begin, but Kenta dwells on useless explanations and introductions. Which it could also be a diegetic choice to represent the typical childish excitement in wanting to tell their own world but, on balance, it continually breaks the rhythm of the action, which is not exactly volcanic due to its graphic adventure nature.

And it’s a shame because even the situations stakes are often hilarious.

Whether it’s a battle between a tank and a dragon, the search for objects in a room with elements that can be erased, or a game of tic-tac-toe between knights in a sand field, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright manages to effectively return the feeling of living in a world built by a child’s unbridled imagination.

Page after page, the title starts off as little more than one illustrated story in which to press buttons every now and then, a point and click adventure with flashes every now and then.

But over time the situations evolve rapidly, creating, among other things, fights in which you have to simulate the sword stroke with the stroke of a pencil. Against opponents who have weaknesses of all kinds and which need to be overthrown, they are weak only by creating distractions in the surrounding circumstances, or many other absurdities that will often leave you with a smile on your face.

The interesting thing is that on Nintendo Switch (you can find it on Amazon) the touch screen it is fully compatible, a perfect solution for playing in peace or for a very young player to experience adventure (although English can be an obstacle).

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright turns out a swing of emotions but for the wrong reasons. After a hilarious section of baseball playing against an angry mole, the player is forced to put up with long lines of dialogue that could have been dried. On several occasions he happens to have to do an unnecessary backtracking, or to have to try to solve a challenge only with a trial and error dynamic.

Precisely for this reason we unfortunately end up having to face the title with some effortrelatively early, because overwhelmed by a sense of boredom that often afflicts the player.

It also puts in a level of challenge that is anything but high, which would not be a problem in itself if it were not added to the unbalanced management of the aforementioned pace of play.

And it’s really a shame because from an aesthetic point of view RPG Time: The Legend of Wright does everything to entice the player to browse another page of Kenta’s adventure.

2D animations are sometimes surprising given the small development budget, but in general they are all the visual ideas put together by DeskWorks to represent the wonderful bait with which we are caught in the world of Cardboardia. There stationery it is used in every possible way to build an aesthetically sincere and sparkling world, you know from a physical point of view that narrative.

The Wright Legend only suffers from typical defect of Japanese narrativesor getting lost in unnecessary prolixity.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright already tells a lot with imagesbecause it is clearly seen that it is a love letter to the ingenuity of childhood. A video game full of creativity and imagination that manages to make a moment between two friends at the end of a school day interesting and touching.

But it is also a work that, for reasons that we find it difficult to understand, is lost in its being uselessly didactic.

Version tested: Nintendo Switch

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