Rocío Carrasco will sit before the judge for the non-payment of the pension to her son David Flores

Max Yurva

Although Rocío Carrasco seems to be in one of the best moments of her life after many years, beyond the friendly side of her presence on television, the legal problems are still there. Despite her testimony and public denunciation of her in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive ‘, the daughter of Rocío Jurado continues to face the judicial war with the one who one day was her husband, Antonio David Flores. A war in which in recent times her youngest son, David Flores, has also ended up involved, a case in which Rociíto has received the latest bad news.

The judge has rejected the appeal filed by Rocío Carrasco and will have to go to trial for the complaint filed by her son for the non-payment of his pension since 2018. Initially it was the former Civil Guard who had put this fact in the hands of justice, but being a person of legal age and trained for it, it was finally Rocío Flores’ brother who made the decision to continue in this legal battle against his mother.

It was in September 2021 when it was announced that the accusation was asking Rocío Carrasco for 1 year in prison and the payment of 15,000 euros for an alleged crime of abandonment of the family – which includes the crime of omission of the person obliged to payment- since she would not have paid the obligatory pension to her son from 2018 to the present of an amount of 200 euros per month as she was a “financially dependent” person declared by a judge.

Antonio David Flores accompanied by Olga Moreno and David Flores to the courtsAntonio David Flores accompanied by Olga Moreno and David Flores to the courts

For this reason, Rocío Carrasco will finally have to testify before the judge for this crime. This would put on the table the possibility that she is there with the accusation, that is, her son David Flores, whom she has not seen for years since she is under the guardianship of the father of she. But not only that, but his lawyer also requested that there be three fundamental witnesses in the trial: the sister, Rocío Flores; her father, Antonio David Flores; and his still wife, Olga Moreno.

The sorrow I could face

As far as the sentence is concerned, the daughter of ‘The greatest’ may not have to face her entry into prison since, as stated in article 227 of the Penal Code in relation to ‘non-payment of pension’, the sentence for this crime would be “three months to one year” or a “fine of six to 24 months.” As it is a sentence of less than two years, Rocío Carrasco could get rid of it (art. 80 to 87 of the CP) if the judge suspends the execution of this sentence and establishes the payment corresponding to the time that she would have to be deprived of her liberty and even have to do community benefit work. An amount of money that would be added to the amount that can be added to the codeine. According to the judge, Rocío Carrasco’s debt amounts to 8,600 euros, while the prosecution claims 15,000.

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