Rocío Carrasco uncovers in ‘In the name of Rocío’ the bad relationship between Gloria Mohedano and Rosa Benito

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Rocío Carrasco is willing to tell the truth about her family and week after week she is offering big headlines about the authentic history of the Mohedano clan. In the second chapter of ‘In the name of Rocío’, premiered on June 24 on Mitele Plus, the subscribers of the Mediaset España platform witnessed how the daughter of ‘the greatest’ uncovered the way in which Rosa Benito arrived to the life of Amador Mohedano and, therefore, also to that of Rocío Jurado or Gloria Mohedano. Precisely, the singer’s sister-in-law has always boasted of the good harmony that she maintains with the sister of her ex-husband, although according to her niece it has not always been so.

Rocío Carrasco exposes the bad relationship between her aunts Rosa and Gloria |  Source: mitele.esRocío Carrasco exposes the bad relationship between her aunts Rosa and Gloria | Source:

The protagonist of the new documentary series from La Fábrica de la Tele revealed that Amador Mohedano was going to marry his longtime girlfriend, Luisa, in October 1978. That young woman, a close friend of Gloria Mohedano, was fully integrated into the family, to the point that she was at the deathbed of Rocío Jurado’s mother, giving her some earrings that belonged to the deceased as a souvenir of the relationship that united them. However, the manager left his fiancée and got engaged to Rosa Benito, celebrating the wedding in November of that same year, provoking the fury of her sister Gloria, who did not see what happened with good eyes, according to Rocío Carrasco.

Gloria and Rosa, from hate to love

Although normally people go from love to hate, in the case of Rosa Benito and Gloria Mohedano it was the opposite. After Amador decided to leave Luisa, “Gloria takes it very badly, very badly, very badly. Rosa is not a saint of Gloria’s devotion and, in fact, they spend a long time without speaking to each other,” confesses Rocío Carrasco in the second episode of ‘In the name of Rocío’, to the surprise of all viewers, witnesses for years of how the ‘in-law’ bragged about the opposite.

The Ortega-Mohedano clan in the cemetery for the 16th anniversary of the death of Rocío JuradoThe Ortega-Mohedano clan in the cemetery for the 16th anniversary of the death of Rocío Jurado

“Really, their relationship has never been an idyllic or very good relationship. When they have come together and have that wonderful relationship it is after my mother died, with her in life it was not like that at all,” says the protagonist from the Mitele Plus docuseries. The truth is that one of the most famous images of the Mohedano family was the annual meeting on the balcony of Rocío Jurado’s house in Chipiona to contemplate from there the procession of the Virgen de Regla, patron saint of the Cadiz town, every month of September. After the death of the singer, they have maintained the tradition, in addition to having increased their relationship with her approach, according to the chipionera’s daughter.

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