Rocío Carrasco: “From now on I am going to use Marta Riesco in a process of gender violence”

Rocío Carrasco has spoken in ‘Sálvame’ about everything Marta Riesco said about the supposed call she made to suggest she sing at Rocío Jurado’s tribute concert. This happened in the presence of Luis Pliego, director of the Lecturas magazine, during a meal and now Rocío Carrasco has sat down in the restaurant where things happened, with the evidence in hand, to talk about everything that happened: “I have not I’ve never talked to this girl. Maybe the word person is too big for her. She’s the girlfriend worth being.”

“Deep down, it makes me sad, but I’ve had to defend myself for 20 years against things like the ones I have to defend myself against once again, that I’m being accused of things that don’t have any kind of truth. The pain and the Annoying and fucking is that I have to see myself once again in the situation of having to defend myself from something that is a lie. Thank God this catches me in another state of mental health and with evidence, as always because I have always had them , but in this case I can demonstrate them with images”, Rocío Carrasco continued.

Rocío Carrasco talks about Marta Riesco |  Photo: telecinco.esRocío Carrasco talks about Marta Riesco | Photo:

Sitting in the restaurant, Rocío continued talking: “This is bullshit about a phone call, it starts out as bullshit. The people who are at home think that when I say in the documentary that I have lived under terror because of situations So imagine someone with an issue of my children or with something more serious. I saw myself the same as now, with challenges and challenges, knowing that I am not going to speak and I am not going to shut up. ”

Jorge Javier Vázquez has wanted to pronounce on the situation in a very blunt way: “All of us who show our faces in this type of program have a commitment, which is not to falsify, not manipulate and not be tricking the situation so that the argument don’t drop it. We can’t do this because we contribute to whitewashing evil and mistreatment. I ask my colleagues to stand up and not be lukewarm because it harms us all, as a chain and as a society. I’m not going to shut up either What doesn’t work is committing lip service.”

Rocío Carrasco in the restaurant |  Photo: telecinco.esRocío Carrasco in the restaurant | Photo:

Rocío Carrasco has taken up the issue of vicarious violence, something very complicated on which it continues to fall: “Today it has been given space again and vicarious violence has been allowed to be exercised on me again. The being exercises vicarious violence on me through the mouth of his girlfriend. When you’re seeing that the modus operandi is the same but that it’s a different character, don’t let them slip it any more”. The presenter added: “Perhaps you have to reconsider and the people who appear on TV, if they have not understood this, it has been explained to them many times, perhaps they should not be working in a medium that so many people watch because they send a wrong message people and society. They still act out of evil”.

“The bloody reality is that it is so. Evil exists, unfortunately. More than we often think,” said Rocío Carrasco. Jorge Javier Vázquez urged her not to take a step back and she assured her that she would not, not at all. After this, the daughter of Rocío Jurado assured that it could have remained an anecdote, but it has not been like that: “If it ends up being a mere anecdote, if it ends up being there very well, but what you cannot inventing is that you have talked to me and you cannot use that lie to exercise violence on me again. He has been doing it since he gave the bombshell. ”

A very delicate situation

Rocío Carrasco continued explaining the situation: “She has been exercising that violence since that day, she does not stop challenging me, that I have not denied her in 48 hours, that she is going to take out the evidence because she has an ace up her sleeve. Well, you will go in suspenders, life What happened live this morning, she said that I make fun of her, that I laugh, that I denigrate her and that I am at a table with Luis Pliego and that he is a person who is not capable of calling his children . That comes from where it comes from. The same thing again. The being had not left Telecinco, he was more present than ever and that the mistreatment that he exerts on me does not stop because he has someone who exercises it for him. ”

Very angry, she continued: “And saying that she was putting a gun to her head, what they would have to put is a lock on your mouth so you don’t lie. Not so you don’t talk but so you don’t lie. She has used all this story that has been invented to say that I wanted to use her. She has questioned my status as a victim of gender-based violence. Secondly, she has been using all these days that what I wanted was to use his presence and his divine word and image to be used against (Antonio David) in a procedure of gender violence. But where are we going? How far is it going to be allowed to go. Don’t you realize that it’s outrageous? “.

Rocío Carrasco speaking with Jorge Javier |  Photo: telecinco.esRocío Carrasco speaking with Jorge Javier | Photo:

In addition, Rocío Carrasco has referred to some colleagues from ‘The AR program’: “Not all of you realize that he is taking you to the same place. That I have heard Pepe del Real say that he listens to the call. I have heard that Sonia sees her leave the room upset and asks her and says ‘you don’t know who I just talked to.’ That was today, but the other day, when she drops the bomb, she says that when she leaves the room she leaves the room upset and trembling and he says that he told Sonia that she was nobody and that she called her mother. Who was she, Marta? That I have not spoken to you in life, in life. Get what you have.”

In addition, he dropped the bomb: “All that is saying that what he wanted was to use her for a procedure of gender violence because until now it has not been like that but from now on it will be like that. Then he allows himself the luxury of going out crying, that the one who cried in his house was me when you named my children. Don’t cry so much, my love. I’m saner than ever, thank God. Through a trial I’m going to find out what he says about the Luis Pliego’s conversation”, he concluded in the restaurant to head to the set of ‘Sálvame’ to show the evidence.

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