Riverdale season 6 not coming to Netflix in April 2022

Max Yurva

riverdale The big comeback, and some fans have some strong feelings about where Season 6 is going so far. Following the events of the five episodes of “Rivevale”, riverdale Season 6 returns to The CW on Sunday, March 20 to pick up the slack.

Not much to give, let’s just say Archie and Betty got some great gifts and Jughead is still waiting for his. Meanwhile, Veronica appears to have had a final battle with a specific villain when an unexpected curse descends upon Cheryl.

Barchie Shippers Will Love riverdale Season 6, and more seasons to come. Season six will continue to air through at least early summer, but you don’t have to worry about the show’s fate. CW has been updated riverdale Season 7.

obviously, riverdale Season 6 won’t hit Netflix in the US in April 2022, considering it’s still on The CW. But now we’re predicting that fans will have the chance to binge-watch new episodes of the craziest TV shows on Netflix.

Riverdale Season 6 Release Netflix Release Update

Not sure when riverdale Filming for Season 6 will end, and the season 6 finale air date has not been announced by The CW. However, based on the season’s roughly 20 episodes, we know the season won’t finish airing until at least June 2022.

Of course, riverdale is one of the CW series still airing on Netflix, with new episodes airing eight days after the televised finale.We think we’ll see new episodes riverdale Sometime in late June, though that estimate could shift in either direction.

there are a lot of exciting things riverdale This includes good news for Season 7, fans. However, there isn’t much news about Season 7, especially if those rumors that it could be the final season are true. We’ll have to keep waiting for more details!

Stay tuned for more riverdale News and updates from Netflix Life.

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