Review | Jurassic World: Mastery Is Proof That Special Ingredients Don’t Hold An Epic Ending

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Four years after the second film in the new trilogy, and the fifth in the franchise, the long-awaited conclusion hits theaters this Thursday, June 2, promising packed lines of fans and a lot of nostalgia, even bringing back part of the cast of the original films.

Picking up where the fifth movie left us, here are no more previous dilemmas about how recreating a species is a mistake or how to stop these dinosaurs from spreading across planet earth. In Dominion, they are already among us and the problems are different: human greed, industrial corruption and the megalomania of mega billionaires.

Universal Pictures / Jurassic World (reproduction)

With eye-popping visuals, the dinosaurs are more realistic than we’ve ever seen them – thanks to the use of animatronics (like robots) in interactions with the actors, and of course, current computer graphics technology. The colors and details in the animals give us stunning images, and it’s hard not to be attentive to every detail in the scene. The cast is well balanced: we have Chris Pratt who follows a character (Owen) not very captivating, in a love relationship also without much salt with Claire, played by Bryce Dallas.

Assuming almost a family relationship with Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon), the trio takes on a shallow and convincing arc on screen. are added by DeWanda Wise — which has a magnetic presence in the role of the little depth This is just Wattse Mamoudou Athie, as communicator-solves-it-all Ramsay Cole. Even Omar Sy graces the screen in his unfortunately meteoric cameo.

Universal Pictures / Jurassic World (reproduction)

What works best in the cast is the return of Laura Dern in the role of the legendary Dr. Ellie Sattler, Sam Neill like Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum, in the skin of Dr. Ian Malcom. Even so, as much as it is extremely comforting to find Laura Dern on the big screen (in full control of her character, as always), the nostalgic element alone was not able to save the outcome of Jurassic World.

Although the film offers action and a very well-directed direction from beginning to end, the script does not deliver everything it could and the feeling of frustration can be perceived in those who expect a lot from the promised conclusion. The fast pace of events tries to disguise a weak script, which does not risk and does not surprise in almost anything.

Filled with cliché events – which even pleases part of the audience in the famous “fan service”, finally delivering things that fans wanted for so long -, they are often poorly placed in the film, challenging the viewer’s intelligence. Critical moments of action are interrupted by superficial scenes of romance, expected twists and unchallenging conclusions.

Universal Pictures / Jurassic World (reproduction)

The feeling of watching a movie from the afternoon session (with more modern resources) is strong, but in this regard, the first ones are much better, surprising and original. Fact is that Domain takes amazing characters and established in pop culture, doesn’t develop them and just mixes them in a pot with an easy formula to raise at the box office. That last part will probably work, although the result is a film with little substance, even with so many special ingredients.

Use: 55/100

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