Raquel Mosquera’s letter to Pedro Carrasco in what would be her 79th birthday

Max Yurva

The name of Pedro Carrasco is back in the news 21 years after his death. The media resurgence of his daughter Rocío Carrasco has not only turned the Mohedano family upside down, but also what was the boxer’s own family in his last years, especially Raquel Mosquera, his widow. The also daughter of Rocío Jurado assures that the hairdresser did not give her father a good life in the last years of her life, although she has told the contrary. Instead, she is there to defend herself from her, not only does she attack Rocío Carrasco, but she also undoes the words of love and affection towards her former husband.

For this reason, he did not want to miss the opportunity to do it once again this July 12, the day on which Pedro Carrasco would have turned 79 years old. Together with a photograph of him as a young man in his role as a boxer, the television collaborator also wrote: “The great boxing world champion and even more as a person. Loving you was very easy, forgetting you will be impossible. I always carry you in my heart.” .

In this congratulations, despite the great love she professes for him and of which she boasts so much, she did not want to overshadow her current husband with her first husband: “Thank God, he rewarded me with a second chance, falling in love again and being also reciprocated by a wonderful man and divine children like the ones I have, thus forming a family, as I always wanted (…) Pedro Carrasco was the love of my life, now Isidore Nnamany is. Although we are not married, We’ve been together for eight years and have a son together. And that someday not too far away we’ll get married.”

“Loving you was very easy, forgetting you will be impossible”

A love that has not taken the other out of the way and never will, recognizes Raquel Mosquera: “This does not mean that I forget the one who was a great and wonderful husband and a great person. As he told me: ‘I have to be loving you until after death. I love you with all my soul and the soul never dies.’ And it will always be that way, because that’s how I feel.”

“So great was the love and respect I felt for my husband Pedro, that this is how I achieve with love, as things are always achieved, that my current husband respects absolutely everything that I admire, admires and with signs of affection I showed him in life and I continue to show what my husband Pedro Carrasco was”, it ended like this.

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