RAPA review

Max Yurva

Spoiler-free analysis of RAPA, the new Movistar+ series

“Rapa das bestas”

The rapa is a tradition that combines the beauty and the wild of a quiet territory, where horses freely inhabit the cliffs. Except one day. That metaphor describes in a certain way the history of RAPA.

A crime in Sierra de A Capelada in Cedeira (Northern Galicia) and half a town spattered with blood. This is what happens when that body is that of the mayor. RAPAthe new series of Movistar+ and from the creators of Iron, opens with all the unknowns and mysteries of a local and traditional thriller.

How could it be otherwise, being Jorge Corira the creator, has a complete telluric atmosphere. And yes, it is almost an extension of El Hierro transported to the Galician coasts and mountains. However this time the narrative seems to walk slower, more speculative, more sinister and darker. Perhaps the Galician idiosyncrasy.

From the beginning, the plot plays to place obvious clues, obvious turns that do nothing more than lead us down wrong paths. Tomás (Javier Cámara), a frustrated teacher and first witness to the crime; and Maite (Mónica López), a civil guard sergeant, are in charge of giving birth to a ‘Whodonit’-style crime, but with the occasional plot surprise.

‘Amparo mentioned something before she died’

That is the phrase that opens Pandora’s box, a cryptic crossroads that marks all the steps of the investigation.

Wind and humidity, a beautiful place

Photography is essential in this type of series, both in terms of lighting and the structure of shots and editing. She is the driver of all the initial sensations that the viewer receives and without a doubt one more character in the plot. Coira and Araujo know how to use these resources with precious but also gloomy intentions.

Javier Cámara returns to the small screen, but in an unusual record for him. Quite a challenge that he tackles with more than enough solidity. Not surprisingly, he remains one of the most reliable current national actors in almost any field. In this thriller he represents methodical doubt but also the strength of someone who is driven by his instincts.

Along with Mónica López, they lead a cast that also includes others such as Lucía Veiga, Eva Fernández, Toni Salgado, Ricardo de Barreiro or, above all, Jorge Bosch, who supports a sublime performance. They dress in a foggy, humid, violent, sinuous and rainy landscape, but always seductive.

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