Ramón Calderón beats Kiko Rivera and Mediaset in the Courts after his words in ‘The poisoned inheritance’

Max Yurva

Kiko Rivera is not going through a good time in his life. To her zero relationship with Isa Pantoja, her great estrangement from her mother, Isabel Pantoja, and the tension that she maintains with her brother, Francisco Rivera, now we must add a legal problem with which she will surely didn’t count Ramón Calderón, who was her legal defender when she was a child, has won a lawsuit.

To know how this situation is reached, you have to go back to ‘Cantora: The poisoned inheritance’, the program in which Kiko Rivera brought up all the papers of Paquirri’s inheritance and the reason why he has been estranged for a long time of his mother, Isabel Pantoja. It was there that the DJ said that Ramón Calderón was a “scoundrel” and that it was his fault that things had gone wrong.

Kiko Rivera at a gala of 'Survivors 2019'Kiko Rivera at a gala of ‘Survivors 2019’

Well, at the time Ramón Calderón offered Kiko Rivera the opportunity to publicly apologize to him, this being the way to withdraw the lawsuit that he had filed, both against him and Mediaset, for violation of the right to honor. These apologies never materialized, hence the demand continued forward reaching the current point.

has won the claim

The lawyer continued to try to resolve the conflict amicably and even held talks with Francisco and Cayetano Rivera to get Kiko Rivera to give his arm to twist. As he did not do it, on March 11 the lawsuit that Ramón Calderón filed against Kiko Rivera in Court Number 81 was admitted for processing. Two months later the judgment of the trial has been issued.

Ramón Calderón at the opening of a nightclubRamón Calderón at the opening of a nightclub

The sentence has determined that Kiko Rivera and Mediaset did violate Ramón Calderón’s right to honor, something that hurt the lawyer a lot because he considers that he has always stood up for the DJ when he was a child. They spent three years agreeing after Paquirri’s death and, finally, they all signed and agreed.

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