Rafa Mora shows Carmen Borrego his penis live in ‘Sálvame’: ‘Now I want to see Carlos Lozano’s’

Max Yurva

Carlos Lozano has returned to the set after ending his tour of the Spanish beaches in ‘Sálvame Sandía’ and his presence has already been more than enough to star in a strong row with one of his companions, Rafa Mora. The thing was escalating until both ended up dedicating unseemly comments about his physique, his intelligence and even his professionalism. Something that was not even to the liking of his companions, who criticized them for how unpleasant it was to see two adult men speak to each other in that way.

In their reunion after Rafa Mora’s vacation, Carlos Lozano wanted to justify one of his comments about his partner’s physique: “The penis [que supuestamente lo tiene pequeño] It was because you said so in the ‘Save me Snow Week’ that I presented,” said the former contestant on ‘GH VIP’. Something that the other collaborator wanted to deny, assuring that, at that time, he did not want to contradict him because he respects his authoritative figure as presenter.

“I dare you to go outside and you show it to me”

After this, the one who was also a tronista of ‘Mujeres y Hombre y Viceversa’ tried to settle the discussion: “It doesn’t bother me that you call me bald because I’m not, not even that I have a small one, because I don’t have it. That you tell me that I’m a little fat, in this case if you’re right. But far from the matter staying here, after an advertisement, his partner Carmen Borrego returned to putting -the issue of- Rafa Mora’s genitals on the table after receiving information.

“I have received a message in advertising from someone who says that he can prove it because he has seen it and says that you have it small,” acknowledged Terelu’s sister, who was not happy with that, she made a proposal to her partner to be able to settle this issue and that Spain remain calm when knowing the true size of Rafa Mora’s penis: “I challenge you to go outside and show it to me”.

And said and done. Followed by a camera from the program, both collaborators went to the bathroom and Rafa Mora lowered her pants so that she could see her penis up close. “It’s quite normal”, acknowledged the daughter of María Teresa Campos as soon as she left the bathroom while her companions on the set did not believe what had just happened: “I have never boasted of having it big, but above average yes “, recognized the collaborator. After this, Carmen Borrego launched another request into the air: “Now I want to see Carlos Lozano’s, to see who has the biggest one.”

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