Queen Elizabeth bids farewell to Boris Johnson and welcomes Liz Truss as the 15th Prime Minister of her reign

Queen Elizabeth has welcomed the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the dismissal of Boris Johnson after three years in power. The one who has been at the helm of the country during the toughest years of the pandemic, but has also starred in endless scandals and controversial news, has resigned after having lost the support that his party needed, leaving the position to the one who will be his successor, also conservative Liz Truss.

Boris Johnson on his arrival at Balmoral to bid farewell to Queen ElizabethBoris Johnson on his arrival at Balmoral to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth

At the gates of number 10 Downing Street, the residence that Johnson left to give the key to Truss, the former Prime Minister gave his farewell speech, not without jokes, ironies and the occasional reproach for those who have withdrawn him your support when you needed it most. “This is all, friends”, have been the words chosen by the politician to give his farewell to the nation that gave him an overwhelming victory in 2019 by electing him as his representative, but that has ended up turning his back on him when his situation it has gotten complicated. During his speech, in which he also took the opportunity to show his “fervent support” to his successor, the former Prime Minister wanted to go over his three years in office, emphasizing the achievements he has achieved the hand of his team.

For her part, Liz Truss, who comes to power after having won over former economy minister Rishi Sunak, has already announced her new cabinet, made up of several names who have been loyal to Johnson until the last moment. In her meeting with the Queen, in which she has agreed to become the new ruler of the country and number 15 during the reign of Elizabeth II, she has already anticipated what her first steps will be once she settles into her new residence after Johnson’s withdrawal.

A conservative leader

With a much more conservative ideology than the one she began showing in her campaign, Liz Truss has assured that she will cut taxes, launch an aid package for British families and companies in order to deal with the energy crisis and the possible freezing of tariffs of gas and electricity. The Prime Minister has already starred in the famous ‘kissing hands’ to the queen, which has been held at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, due to the delicate health of the monarch, thus being the second leader in the history of the United Kingdom who must travel to celebrate such an event.

Queen Elizabeth greets Lizz Truss at Balmoral to welcome her as Prime Minister of the United KingdomQueen Elizabeth greets Lizz Truss at Balmoral to welcome her as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The ruler has also wanted to wink at one of her predecessors, Margaret Thatcher, by assuring that she will govern “as a conservative”, once she becomes the third female Prime Minister to come to power in the United Kingdom, after Thatcher and Theresa May. . The first speech that the new Head of Government will give will not arrive until several hours after Johnson’s farewell, scheduled in the same location, the famous black door of number 10 Downing Street.

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