Pro-Life Foundation will rescue about 200 mothers and children on the border with Ukraine

The Fundación Madrina de España announced that it will send a humanitarian convoy to rescue some 200 women and children victims of the war in Ukraine, and will also carry more than 14 tons of infant food and clothing.

The foundation, dedicated to helping pregnant women and women at risk of exclusion in Spain, reported on March 8 that the convoy “will leave this weekend on its way to the conflict zone where refugees fleeing en masse from the war are crowded. ”.

“Schools, hospitals and houses are bombed. There is no safe place. Only families with an elderly or disabled relative or whose children turn 18, ready for war, “adds the entity.

The management has been carried out directly with the president of Caritas of Ukraine, in Odessa.

The Madrina Foundation has already contacted women and mothers in the cities of Kiev and Irpin, who request to be welcomed. The goal is to rescue as many victims and vulnerable people as possible.

In a press release, the organization pointed out that pregnant mothers are giving birth “in the basements of hospitals and cannot get out due to the continuous bombing alarms.”

“These mothers who give birth, their breasts are cut off so they need a lot of ‘formula milk’, diapers and warm clothes, as well as fleece linings and winter underwear, as well as hospital and surgical supplies, since they are without sanitary supply”, he reported.

The humanitarian convoy will be made up of four vehicles, three buses, a van and a truck that will carry 14 tons of food, especially for children, formula milk, polar fleeces, work clothes and various warm materials.

The destination on the Ukrainian-Polish border will be Medyka, but the convoy will also seek to reach the city of Lviv in Ukraine, 70 kilometers from the border.

“The refugee families will have several temporary destinations in Madrid enabled by the Community and the State, both in Pozuelo and Torrejón. Subsequently, the foundation will relocate the families between their reception flats, homes that welcome mothers and children, as well as in towns of emptied Spain”, specifies Madrina.

In addition, the Madrina Foundation “will offer housing, social, legal and health support, food, in order to normalize their situation and achieve a decent future, to Ukrainian families displaced by the war and who could be welcomed in Spain.”

According to the entity, “compared to the 6,000 places that Spain would receive”, in reality “up to 100,000 refugees could be received, 10% of those currently displaced by the war, if they are distributed in the emptied Spain and the State invests in transport, energy, health and rural university education, for the fixation of the rural population”.

The Madrina Foundation, in this sense, requested “the Government urgently, to allow the legal, health and labor regularization of all these displaced families.”

Finally, the humanitarian organization has also requested help “from all generous hearts” to finance the “rescue” of all women and children “victims of an unjust war in the heart of Europe”.

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