Princess Anne bows to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on her arrival at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passed away at her Balmoral Castle, after 70 years sitting on the throne and a long life of 96 years. For nearly three days, a good part of her relatives were watching over him at the Scottish residence, before an epic funeral transfer began whose first stop would be Edinburgh. Although the ‘London Bridge Operation’ had everything measured and this was not foreseen in it, finally the Royal House also decided to improvise and include the capital of Scotland in the itinerary that the Sovereign’s coffin would carry out for her final farewell, before his interment in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The body of the longest-serving Monarch in British history left Balmoral Castle in the early hours of September 11, to say goodbye forever to what had always been her favorite residence. In a black hearse, the coffin was covered with the royal standard and a crown of white flowers in which his favorites were not lacking, such as dahlias, white heather or sweet peas, directly picked from the castle gardens. The procession was accompanied by six cars, led by Princess Anne, and was destined for the Scottish capital, although with intermediate stops in the towns of Ballater, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Elizabeth II’s Farewell in Edinburgh

After a long journey of more than six hours, Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Edinburgh for the last time. The most central streets of the Scottish capital were full of citizens who wanted to say goodbye to the Sovereign of her one last time. Precisely, she was at her pace along the Royal Mile, the most important avenue in the city, where the biggest cheers and applause were dedicated to her, breaking the silence for a few seconds. The procession arrived at Holyrood Palace at around 4:30 p.m. (British time). There, several members of the Honor Guard were in charge of removing the coffin from the hearse, and then introducing it inside what is the official residence of the Crown in Scotland.

Mortal remains of Queen Elizabeth II leave BalmoralMortal remains of Queen Elizabeth II leave Balmoral

The body of the Sovereign was later transferred to the Throne Room, where it will continue to be watched throughout the night in the strictest privacy. The first public farewell will come on the morning of September 12, when a historic procession will depart from the palace to St Giles Cathedral, crossing the Royal Mile and led by his immediate family, where King Charles III will surely be seen. Once she is in the cathedral temple, and after the corresponding religious service is official, she will remain there for 24 hours so that the Scots can say goodbye to what was also their Queen.

The genuflection of Princess Anne, image of the day

At the time that Elizabeth II’s worsening condition was announced on the morning of September 8, her daughter was one of the first to go to Balmoral Castle to accompany her in what was likely to be her last hours. In fact, Princess Anne was, along with King Charles III, the only two children of the Sovereign who were able to say goodbye to her, since neither Prince Andrew nor Prince Edward were able to arrive in time to have a few last words with his mother. However, and since she passed away, the one who has continued at all times next to the Queen’s body has been her daughter.

While Princes Andrew and Edward awaited the arrival of the funeral procession in Edinburgh, Princess Anne preferred to accompany her mother on her final journey from Balmoral to Scotland’s capital. Accompanied by her husband, both were in one of the vehicles that were after the hearse. Once she arrived at the Palace of Holyrood, the daughter of Elizabeth II starred in one of the images of the day: the genuflection she made to the coffin in which her mother was going while the Honor Guard introduced it inside the building . This bow demonstrates the deep respect she has for the one who was not only her mother, but also her Queen.

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