Pray this prayer when putting the blessed palms of Palm Sunday at home

Jasjot Singh

This Palm Sunday, Catholics will begin Holy Week by commemorating the moment when Jesus Christ made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and was hailed as the Messiah by a crowd that greeted him with palms and olive branches.

On what is also called Passion Sunday, the faithful will accompany the priest in a solemn procession before Mass, in which the story of the Passion of Christ will be read. As is tradition, the faithful will carry palms or olive branches in their hands, which can also be from other types of local plants, but which essentially seek to honor the Son of God.

According to the Vatican’s Easter Charter, during the procession Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem, “imitating the acclamations and gestures made by the Hebrew children when they went out to meet the Lord, singing the fervent ‘Hossana'” , shout of joy of messianic meaning.

The liturgy of the palms has a profound meaning, since it anticipates the triumph of the resurrection, which we will celebrate at the end of Holy Week in the Feast of Easter, the most important celebration of the life of every Christian.

At the end of the Palm Sunday Mass, many faithful usually place their blessed palms in their homes or workplaces. However, it must be remembered that the palms are not kept as amulets, because that would be superstition, but rather they are “signs of messianic peace” that remind us to make our life a gift for God and our brothers.

Next, we share a simple prayer to place the blessed palms at home:

Bless, Lord, our home.
May your Son Jesus and the Virgin Mary reign in him.
Give us peace, love and respect,
so that respecting and loving each other
let us know how to honor them in our family life,
be You, the King in our home.

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