Pray this prayer for refugees, displaced and persecuted in the world

Jasjot Singh

On World Refugee Day 2022, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the humanitarian organization of the Catholic bishops of the United States, invites a prayer for those forced to flee their country due to persecution, conflict or violence .

“Let us remember that our faith teaches us that each person is created in the image of God and that we must treat all people with dignity and respect,” CRS recalled in a statement.

“Catholic social teaching reminds us of God’s preferential option for the poor and vulnerable. And Scripture repeatedly says to welcome and care for the stranger and others who are especially vulnerable,” he added.

prayer for refugees

God Almighty,

Millions of our sisters and brothers are on the move around the world, not out of choice, but out of desperation.

For those forced to flee violence, we pray that they find safety.

For those seeking economic opportunity, we pray that they find secure livelihoods.

For those trying to support and protect their families, we pray that they find communities that accept them.

For those seeking peace and hope, we pray that we may be bearers of the Good News.

We are called to be prophetic advocates in this world. Call for an end to injustice and be heralds of truth and love.

We pray that all migrants, refugees and displaced persons can find safe and loving communities and the opportunity to prosper.

And we pray that we may have the courage to stand up and act in defense of human dignity for all our brothers and sisters in need.


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