Pope Francis highlights “the exemplary dedication” of Cardinal Angelo Sodano

Jasjot Singh

On the morning of this Saturday, May 28, a few hours after the death of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Holy See communicated the message of condolences from Pope Francis.

“The death of Cardinal Angelo Sodano arouse in my heart sentiments of gratitude to the Lord for the gift of this esteemed man of the Church”, can be read at the beginning of Pope Francis’ message.

The Holy Father then thanked the Cardinal for his generous dedication, “first in the diocese of Asti and then, for the rest of his long life, at the service of the Holy See”.

“I remember your I diligently work alongside many of my predecessorswho entrusted him with important responsibilities in Vatican Diplomacy, up to the delicate position of Secretary of State,” the Pope said.

In addition, the Holy Father highlighted the papal representations of the Cardinal in places such as Quito, Ecuador, Uruguay and Chilewhere “he devoted himself zealously to the good of those peoples, promoting dialogue and reconciliation.”

“In the Roman Curia he fulfilled his mission with exemplary dedicationI was also able to benefit from his gifts of mind and heart, especially during his time as Dean of the College of Cardinals”.

In addition, the Pope stressed that “in all the tasks he showed himself as an ecclesially disciplined man, a gracious pastoranimated by the desire to spread the Gospel everywhere.”

“I raise to God the Merciful Father prayers of suffrage for the late Cardinal, so that he may be received in eternal joy, and at the same time I express my closeness to his family and to the community of AstiI send my blessing to all those who share the pain of his death, with a special and grateful thought for the sisters of Santa Marta and all those who assisted him with love”, he concluded.

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