Pope Francis encourages us to pray always, even when God seems “deaf and dumb”

Pope Francis encouraged all faithful Catholics to always pray, even when God seems “deaf and dumb.”

“You must always pray, even when everything seems in vain, when God seems deaf and dumb and it seems to us that we are wasting time,” the Holy Father said on August 13 through his Twitter account.

“Even if the sky darkens, the Christian does not stop praying,” Pope Francis stressed.

There are countless times in which the Holy Father has encouraged us to pray, to raise our eyes to Heaven and trust in the Lord.

He himself has constantly promoted prayer for different intentions such as the end of the war in Ukraine, peace in the Middle East, in South Sudan or reconciliation between Israel and Palestine.

Frequently, the prayer that invites you to pray is the Holy Rosary, to place your intentions and those of all the faithful in the hands of the Virgin Mary.

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for this month of August is to pray for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

“Let us pray that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, severely affected by the economic and social crisis, find the necessary means to continue their activity at the service of the communities in which they live,” the Holy Father asked.

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