Pope Francis encourages letting oneself be guided by the Holy Spirit to “love without measure”

Pope Francis today encouraged the Canossian Daughters of Charity to seek sainthood “being women of spirit”.

The Holy Father received in audience the participants of the General Chapter of the Canossian Daughters of Charity this Friday, August 26, whom he also invited to be “women of the Word” and to “love without measure” like the Virgin Mary.

In his speech, Pope Francis explained to those present the meaning of being “women of the Word” and defended the need to take the example of the Virgin Mary and converse with her in prayer.

She also warned that being “women of the Word” does not mean being “women of chatter” and encouraged the nuns to seek holiness and “love without measure, making room for the Spirit and his action in our lives.”

“Holiness and mission are constitutive dimensions of Christian life and are inseparable from each other”, assured the Pope below.

“And the secret – continued the Pope – is always the same: letting oneself be guided by the Holy Spirit to love God and the poor”.

Later, Pope Francis thanked them “the joy of their hearts and faces” and assured that “joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit and a clear sign of the Gospel, especially when it shines in sharing with brothers in situations of helplessness and marginalization.”

The Holy Father also spoke about “the community dimension”, something that is experienced “with daily details”.

Lastly, Pope Francis stressed the importance of the “prayer of adoration”. And he recalled the testimony of its foundress, Santa Magdalena de Canossa, “who, like other saints and other saints of charity, drew her apostolic impulse above all to remain in adoration in the presence of the Lord.”

“The movement of the spirit who decenters himself to focus on Christ it is what makes possible a service to others that is not pietism or assistance, but rather openness to the other, proximity, sharing; in a word: charity,” he explained.

“Dear sisters, I thank you for this visit, and above all for what you are and what you do in the Church,” concluded Pope Francis.

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