Podcast cinema and series: After Dark 3×01

Max Yurva

Cinema and series podcast (July 7, 2022): Hey, mom, there’s a new guy in the multiverse

New program of podcast about movies and series: After Dark. A space directed and presented by Christopher Terrer (Seriesmaniac podcast). After a break forced by the coronavirus and changes in the studio, we return with great enthusiasm and the promise of maintaining a rhythm of publications.

Alex also joins the team. In this first episode of the new season we analyze series with a personal stamp like Too Old to Die Young, we review multiverse movies, we comment on some animated series and we accompany Elvis Presley on his trip through Memphis.

Many series and movie recommendations, and other things that we forget but you can discover by listening to the program and subscribing to our podcast.

We now also have our chat channel on Discord. You can freely participate and comment on everything you can think of about movies or series using this invitation link to the #Seriemaniac channel: https://discord.gg/VzNqcqk3bv

You already know that you can access all the Seriemaniac or After Dark programs in an organized way by visiting the podcast of our blog: Podcast Section.

Or directly, you can subscribe through these broadcast platforms:

Podcast movies and series After Dark: episode 3×01 (July 7, 2022)

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