Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

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One of the best old-school action-packed drama shows on Netflix is all set to feed the audience with its season 6. Peaky Blinders is rated one of the most-watched and praised series on Netflix which is exclusively famous in every age group of audience. According to the makers, the 6th season is going to be the last one of the series which will conclude all the storylines of this series.

Let’s Recap

The lead character Tommy of Peaky Blinders is portrayed beautifully by the directors in the previous seasons. The work-life and love life of Tommy is the center of attraction for the audience and other casts also got praise for their supportive role in the series. In season 1 and season, 2 the basic introduction and plot-line of the show got revealed. Tommy has a gang of professional people who conduct stealing and other crime in the area. Season 6th will deliver a shocking end to this amazon series.

Peaky Blinders

Expected Cast and Release Date

The previous seasons of Peaky Blinders got released on their time at regular intervals which automatically created the craze in the fans. Due to pandemics and stuff, the release date of season 6 is getting postponed again and again. The exact date is still not known to us. We can expect to see the 6th season of Peaky Blinders in the 2nd quarter of 2022. The cast is coming back to play their roles respectively. Tommy will be played by Cillian Murphy and Paul Andreson will play Arthur Shelby.

Expected Fan Plot-line

The 6th season is going to be the last one of the series which signifies that it will end up with all the storylines revolving around. We can expect to see some demise scenes of group members but not this for sure. The actual plot-line will be seen by the audiences after the release of the 6th season.

Peaky Blinders


The release date of the 6th season has not been declared yet by the makers. Most of the cast are coming back to play their roles. Makers are trying their best to end this amazing series with a massive entertainment-packed season.

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