Peaky Blinders ending explained

Peaky Blinders series finale: everything you need to know

Came the day. Last Sunday, April 10, the peaky blinders endingwhich says goodbye with the sixth episode of season 6, entitled Locke and Key.

Once the broadcast is over BBCthe last season will be broadcast in its entirety with its six episodes on June 10, through the Netflix platform.

peaky blinders movie

Final ending? Don’t worry, as many of you already know, the BBC is going to produce a peaky blinders movie which will serve as the epilogue of the series, which will take place a few years after what was seen in the last episode and in which its creator, Steven KnightHe is already working.

Although the bulk of all the plots have been closed, this epilogue —which will be presented in a revolutionary movie format— will serve to tell us what happens to all the characters.

What seems certain is that Steven Knight (also creator of the essential See and Taboo) will focus the film in the middle of World War II, and will have to do with Tommy Shelby.

Our main character seems to have found a path to redemption, especially after the death of a lot of loved ones (especially Polly and Rubi) and facing death due to the false prognosis that a doctor had issued to undermine Tommy’s will. .

Peaky Blinders final episode 6×06

The peaky blinders ending has left us with a final episode outstanding, at the height of the adrenaline that infected us last season.

To analyze the denouement of peaky blinderswe have to consider two fundamental elements.

On the one hand, Tommy spares the life at the last moment of the doctor who collaborated with the Nazis and who issued a false diagnosis to make believe that Tommy had an incurable tumor.

The idea that only Tommy can defeat (by suicide) Tommy himself is very powerful. In addition, he manages to avoid the ending that seemed to be intuited: the head of the Blinders dies from a damn tumor, something that would have left me very unsatisfied.

The chimes at 11 o’clock mark the beginning of a ceasefire for Tommy. The beginning of a new life. Perhaps 12 o’clock, which does mark the end of the day, is a reference to that movie that we all now look forward to even more.

On the other hand, in the last scene, Tommy arrives at his carriage. This has been set on fire by the butler of the doctor sympathetic to the Nazi party. It’s an interesting scene because Tommy watches the action, rides towards him, but at the last moment decides to stop galloping to let him go.

The carriage with Tommy’s most important belongings (portraits of his wives, his children, his wedding ring, etc.) is being consumed by flames. Of course, the leader of the Blinders decides that those memories are burned to the ground to start a new life. An image that points to that possible path of redemption for the character.

In the last scene, Tommy on the back of his white horse, closes the circle of the series, which began with the protagonist on the back of another horse, this time black. A clear image of the path Tommy has traveled.

Not in vain, Tommy had already put all his affairs in order before the possibility that he would die from that, in the end, false tumor. It is a unique opportunity to retire and embark on a new legal path for his business.

Possibly, the great loose end that the peaky blinders last episode It is the whereabouts of what may have been the Shelbys’ worst enemies: the Nazis. Mosley and his wife Diana Mitford.

So in the movie, expect to see the last big battle between Tommy and Arthur against this couple. Something like an opportunity for true redemption for Tommy, who would face nothing more and nothing less than the Third Reich, the greatest threat Europe has ever suffered.

Peaky Blinders season 6 analysis: lights and shadows

The peaky blinders final season It has been cooking over low heat. She has clearly gone from less to more. Production problems due to the pandemic and the tragic death of the actress who played Polly may have to be taken into account.

In any case, the first episodes have only served to delve into Tommy Shelby and Arthur’s fall into hell. It has not been, therefore, the best season of the series, far from it, it has many useless and unnecessary moments.

The potential of characters like Michael Gray (which is finally defeated by Tommy in Canada Island and the bomb episode).

But, especially, that of characters like Gina Gray: with a whole Anya Taylor-Joy who has only been taken advantage of to immortalize her in some scenes in which she turned her face and looked at the camera with that captivating look, more typical of a Hollywood star of the fifties, but little else.

or the character of Alfie Solomon (Tom Hardy) that surely could have given much more play, judging by that wonderful and brilliant conversation that both have in the last episode, in a tavern devastated by the bomb. Tommy and Alfie will always be close enemies.

And finally, the flashy signing of Stephen Graham (Doom, Boil) who we’ve only seen as a foreman who steals opium from the Peaky Blinders and helps Arthur with his drug problems.

The character seemed to be much more important and has finally come to nothing, being really Tommy the one that manages to unhook Arthur from the problems with opium, so we don’t know very well what the character and its corresponding plot have served for.

The season has delved too deeply into the marital problems between Tommy and Lizzy, a character who has become almost unbearable, and who suddenly didn’t seem to know who the hell Tommy was when she married him. A relationship that has occupied too much footage in this sixth season, which has lacked action in abundance.

It is remarkable in the last episode (the only worthwhile of the entire season) the pickle on the doors of the tavern run by the Peaky Blinders. Arthur kills the IRA sympathizers who were most responsible for Polly’s death. A scene reminiscent of great spy movies like The Third Man or The Torn Curtain.

Despite everything, the peaky blinders season 6 It ends with a great final episode, which allows us to see how Tommy draws his last master plan to get rid of all his enemies.

This turns out to be something unusual in this type of series, normally the protagonists (who in this case are the bad guys, let’s not fool ourselves) almost always come out badly for a search for atonement for their sins, the result of scripts loaded with morality that already nobody cares.

The usual is usually the following: Tommy Shelby he is a despicable gangster and therefore in the end he must die or must be defeated by his enemies. But not in this case. Fuck it: These are the fucking Peaky Blinders!

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