‘Outlander’ Season 6 Not Coming to Netflix in March 2022

Max Yurva

Outlander It has been one of the most popular and fan-favorite episodes since it premiered on Starz in 2014.The historical series only gained further popularity after Netflix started streaming, and many fans are eager to find out when Outlander Season 6 will be on their watch list.

Currently, there are four seasons Outlander Available on Netflix, although season 5 has already aired in 2020, season 6 is the season everyone is watching. When both seasons drop, they’ll be the two biggest releases on Netflix.

Unfortunately, Outlander Season 6 won’t hit Netflix in March 2022 after Starz premieres. The series isn’t included in the full list of new releases and shows coming to Netflix this month, but we know when the new season will start streaming.

Outlander Season 6 premiered on March 6, with episode 8 running until April 24. While Season 6 will be shortened, Season 6 will add 16 episodes in the future, doubling the sequence of Season 6. But when can we binge season 6 on Netflix?

Outlander Season 6 Netflix Released Update

as Outlander Fans have now noticed that new seasons of the series didn’t release on Netflix until two years after Starz’s first premiere or finale. Having said that, Outlander Season 6 likely won’t start streaming on Netflix until at least March 2024.

remember, Outlander Season 5 has yet to land on Netflix, but is expected to hit theaters in May 2022. Of course, this isn’t season 6, but if you’re watching the new season on Starz, you can rewatch the late April finale of seasons 1-5 on Netflix.

Since the series isn’t a Netflix original, it’s subject to licensing deals and marks one of the longest wait times for a streaming show.Of course, this does not include the waiting between Stranger Things Seasons 3 and 4, it was especially brutal for fans.

Please stay tuned for more Outlander Season 6 release date news and updates from Netflix Life!

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