Outlander season 5 won’t be coming to Netflix in April

Max Yurva

Outlander It has been a hugely popular show since it premiered on Starz in 2014. Its fan base has only grown since the first four seasons were added to Netflix.So some may wonder when they will catch up Outlander Season 5 on Netflix.

Unfortunately, we won’t see a fifth season in April 2022. Netflix shared that it should be in April and Outlander Season 5 is not one of them. Currently, the first four seasons are available on the streaming service. Season 4 joined in January 201 a little over a year ago.

So Netflix subscribers haven’t seen it in a while Outlander. and you may have to wait longer. The 12-episode fifth season will air on Starz in May 2020.While we can’t say for sure, that date gives us a clue as to when Outlander Season 5 may be available on Netflix.

Outlander Season 5 Netflix Released Update

There seems to be a pattern to the release of new Netflix seasons.new season Outlander Usually drops two years after each season’s finale date on Starz. So that means there’s a good chance season five will hit Netflix in May 2022. Pray!

The wait can be tough, especially two years. That’s a long time! The main reason for this is probably because the hit series is not a Netflix original. The agreement between Netflix and Starz is likely to stipulate that the streaming service will have to wait a while before adding titles. After all, Starz didn’t want to lose its chance to get more subscribers to watch the show.

It’s not an interesting situation for the audience. There are so many streaming services, and sometimes it feels like too much.But if you want to see Outlander Season 5 and the latest season (Season 6 premieres March 6), then you can head over to Starz. Otherwise, hopefully it will continue to follow the same pattern and the season will be available on Netflix within a month.

Play the first four seasons Outlander Now on Netflix.

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