Oscar Isaac says the MCU is coming out of New York.

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    Oscar Isaac says the MCU is coming out of New York.
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Oscar Isaac told the media that the MCU is leaving New York City. One of the most compelling perspectives in the newly released Moon Knight franchise starring Oscar Isaac.

Then we learn that this is what Isaac did on purpose, because one of the show’s plot devices is that Isaac’s character can have bodies with different personalities.

It later seemed that this was not the only British view of the series. In an interview about the film, Isaac shared more about the MCU with fans.

He mostly questioned “I don’t know…well, it’s set in the UK, and when I asked why it was more like, ‘We have too many characters in New York…’ So, look, let’s change it… …I mean, I love British humour like The Office and Stath Lets Flats … there’s so much humour that I find it funny and I’m like, ‘Here’s a chance to do something…if we make him British ?'”

All of what he said opened up some possibilities for him and film director Mohammad Diab.Isaac added

He was like, ‘What if Peter Sellers was approached for a Marvel movie or series? What will he actually do? So he started thinking about it, and this particular idea led him to Carl Pilkington.

And he doesn’t really like accents, just for his sarcasm, he doesn’t know he’s joking.

What else did Oscar Isaac share?

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Moon Knight protagonist Oscar Isaac accepts he actually wanted to be a different Marvel protagonist when he was younger

Seeing the effort and effort put into bringing the character to the screen the right way, one would expect Moon Knight to stick around.

Had it been up to director Diab, he could have shaped the character and leadership for a full decade.

In a conversation with SFX, he opened by saying that people should empathize with the show’s plot, which will automatically build superhero profiles in the MCU.

Moon Knight will launch on Disney Plus on March 30.

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