Ortega Cano heads to Jerez before Ana María Aldón returns to Madrid to go to ‘Viva la vida’

Max Yurva

“There is no crisis! There is nothing!” That’s how blunt Ortega Cano spoke in a sporadic intervention in ‘Sálvame’ in which he took the opportunity to denounce that the rumors -according to invented- of a crisis with Ana María Aldón were going to end his life: “I’m tired of being treated like this They’re going to finish me off,” she told the very upset reporter. On the other hand, the information does not stop coming out and the images seem to speak more and more in favor of distancing than the opposite.

Ana María Aldón at the Madrid airport in the midst of a media stormAna María Aldón at the Madrid airport in the midst of a media storm

It was Emma García who announced last Saturday, July 23, that the designer would attend ‘Viva la vida’ on Sunday 24. Without giving many explanations as to what the reason would be, she may once again face the rumors that have circulated about her, like he would be looking for a house to buy and leave permanently from the home he shares with Ortega Cano. This visit also coincides with the last broadcast of the program before its cancellation, so it could also be simply a visit for her farewell.

Did they coincide on Saturday night?

Be that as it may, if Ana María Aldón arrived in Madrid this Sunday morning, thus confirming her attendance at the program in which she collaborates, the day before, on Saturday, Ortega Cano was seen at the Atocha train station in the capital taking a train to Jerez to, possibly, later travel to Costa Ballena, the place where his wife spends the summer in the company of the son they have in common.

Ortega Cano riding a bike along Costa Ballena with his son and MarinaOrtega Cano riding a bike along Costa Ballena with his son and Marina

For times, everything indicates that Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano would have been together at least on Saturday night before the designer headed for Madrid. Something that would show that, in the midst of all the media storm, they would have done to coincide, something that did not happen on previous occasions. In fact, when the television company returned to Madrid after his sudden flight from the capital, the right-hander headed for France shortly before his wife arrived at the marital home.

During this time, it has been publicly assured that both continue to have contact every day, which would thus placate the rumors of a crisis. So did Ana María Aldón herself, reappearing on ‘Viva la vida’ to grant an interview. She there she recognized that there were “several drops” that filled her glass and led her to make the decision to leave Madrid with her son. “There was a time when I thought I was not going to see them again,” she told her presence on the program. “I love my husband and I’m in love with him,” she added, also assuring that they are still together and “under the same roof with our children”.

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