Omar Sánchez, second confirmed contestant of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’

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Anabel Pantoja’s ex-husband joins Pipi Estrada as a contestant on the Telecinco reality show.

Omar Sánchez, second confirmed contestant of 'Nightmare in Paradise'

After the end of ‘Survivors 2022’ and after a few breaks at reality level, Telecinco returns to the fray with ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, a program presented by Carlos Sobera and Lara Álvarez in which the contestants have to live on a farm away from all kinds of amenities.

'Nightmare in paradise' premieres on Telecinco‘Nightmare in paradise’ premieres on Telecinco

This program from Fremantle, reminiscent of ‘Acorralados’ and ‘La Granja de los Famosos’, is gradually confirming participants in the days and weeks prior to its premiere, starting with Pipi Estrada, a sports journalist who returned to Telecinco ready to set foot strong.

Need to start from scratch

After Pipi Estrada, the time has come to confirm the second of the celebrities who are going to be part of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’. It was in the ‘Deluxe’ where it became known that the second participant of the program is Omar Sánchez.

Omar Sánchez in the official photo of 'Survivors 2021'Omar Sánchez in the official photo of ‘Survivors 2021’

Anabel Pantoja’s ex-husband, fully topical after his separation from Isabel Pantoja’s niece, as well as due to Anabel and Yulen Pereira’s relationship in ‘Survivors 2022’ and due to his own romance with Raquel Lozano, is one of the star signings from ‘Nightmare in Paradise’.

The clues about him were that he was a nature lover in need of a fresh start and that he had a business. Omar Sánchez has a surf company in the Canary Islands and of course he needs to start from scratch. Surely ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ will help you.


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