Omar Sánchez confirms that he has more than a friendship with Raquel Lozano

Max Yurva

Love has knocked on Omar Sánchez’s door again. After his breakup with Anabel Pantoja, with whom he is still married, the former “Survivors” contestant could have found love with Raquel Lozano. Given the rumors that the relationship between the two could be a setup, Sánchez wanted to nip such statements in the bud and made it clear what was happening between Lozano and him: “Something is emerging, it is what could be the beginning of a relationship”, he stated on the program ‘It’s already noon’, but he didn’t want to give it a ‘name’.

Omar Sánchez in the 'Deluxe' |  Photo: Telecinco.esOmar Sánchez in the ‘Deluxe’ | Photo:

The possibility that the rapprochement between the ex-partner, who is not ex-husband, of Anabel Pantoja and Raquel Lozano was a montage orchestrated by both to achieve some kind of notoriety or economic benefit, has caused both of them to explode and defend themselves. However, they have not been the only ones affected, Marta López and Alba Carrillo have also been branded as liars according to those who believed that the two were collaborators of the alleged couple. López has also wanted to speak out and has made a live intervention from Formentera in the program to clarify everything, affirming that it is not a false relationship: “There is no montage at all, neither would Omar nor Raquel.”

Neither montage nor deception

It was Alba Carrillo herself who broke the news, also in ‘It’s already noon’, of the relationship between the two, assuring that Lozano and Sánchez were not a couple, but that they were getting to know each other. Something that the former survivor has already confirmed and has clarified that they are one step further, willing to start a relationship with Lozano, so it would not be a montage or any kind of deception. For Marta López, the lovebirds have been very excited about starting something, although they barely know each other yet, so all they need is time to see where their romance takes them.

Raquel Lozano herself has stated that they are ‘special friends’. However, the fact that the news was leaked even before the relationship was formalized has caused doubts to arise among the collaborators of ‘It’s already noon’. “They tell me everything,” Marta López said during her speech, and she said that both Omar Sánchez and her new love are very upset at the idea that they are accused of having created a farce.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez embraced about to kissAnabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez embraced about to kiss

Given this news, the possibility that a reconciliation between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez could arise has been shattered. The reunion between the two after Pantoja’s return from the island of ‘Survivors’ was very intense, and the looks they exchanged showed that there was still some kind of feeling between the two. However, each one has decided to go their own ways, both separately. Sánchez has also wanted to speak about what he feels about his ex-partner, and has stated that he does not want to know anything about her, “she is living her life and I am living mine”, would have been her words, according to Telecinco collaborators.

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