Officials Issue Red Alert for U.S. Volcano Due to Upcoming Explosions

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The Increase in Intensity in the Semisopochnoi has caused real havoc which has intended the US Officials to issue a Red Alert for the safety of the residents. The Picture that surfaced on the Internet is evident that the Volcano has started its eruptive activities and might explode any moment thereafter. The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) states that previously when the ash was originating from the Volcano wasn’t that high in frequency and intensity but now both its intensity and frequency have risen terrifically which might seem potentially dangerous to the lives of the Residents.

The Warning was issued by AVO after brief research and examination of the activity in the Volcano. They spoke that after they have done thorough observations and the intensity of the explosion they have recorded that the concentration of sulfur dioxide gas has increased exponentially which had bound them to change the Aviation Color Code to RED and the Volcano Alert Level to “WARNING LEVEL”. The Positioning of the Volcanic Eruption is more towards East of North America and the United States.

What are Aviation Codes? 

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Aviation Codes are divided into four colors Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Red signifies the risk is potentially dangerous and can cause havoc, Orange signifies the risk is dangerous, Yellow signifies the presence of Risk which can be perfectly tackled with administration and signs less/low risk and Green signifies the area which is at no risk. AVO is responsible for providing these color aviation codes when there is any activity in the Volcano which can Erupt.

What is the Ring of Fire?

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Ring of Fire is a place located in the Pacific Ocean, where reportedly numerous Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption takes place. It is more prone to dangers. It is the result of the collisions amongst the Lithospheric Plates present in the Pacific Ocean surrounding most areas. When a frequent collision takes place, it results in the devastation of the plates which turns out to be the origin of seismic activities (Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunamis, etc). Because of high intensity and wavelength, the lithospheric plates in the Pacific Ocean collide more often.


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