NFT Slang – What Does “Not Gonna Make It” Mean and Why Does “DYOR” Mean “Do Your Own Research” Mean?


Did you know that the NFL has its own slang? “NTMI” means “Not Gonna Make It,” while “DYOR” means “do your own research.” NFT slang can be confusing. However, it’s not all bad news, as there are plenty of positives that you can use to boost your confidence. If you’re wondering what all these terms mean, read on to learn more.

NGMI stands for not gonna make it

“NGMI” is short for “not gonna make it” and refers to people who are not yet Diamond Hands, are not ready to lock in profits or are selling because the price took a dip. In the cryptosphere, this term is often used to describe a bad investment. It is also a term used to describe bad sentiment, especially after a crisis. It has become a popular derogatory term for crypto traders.

NGMI is a self-deprecating term and has a negative connotation. In the stock market, it can refer to someone who made bad decisions or did something that didn’t benefit them. An investor can be labelled as NGMI if they repeatedly change prices, so it’s best to avoid using this term. The same is true for people who flip NFTs mindlessly.

DYOR stands for “do your own research”

Doing your own research is an important part of investing. In the cryptocurrency market, arguing over block size and other details gets you only so far. The real purpose of being involved is investing in assets. Before you invest, you need to spend hours researching different projects. You should review the website, the team, smart contracts, and marketing style of each project. You also need to know what questions to ask.

The cryptocurrency world has a lot of information out there, and DYOR has become a common phrase. It is a gentle reminder to educate yourself before investing, especially if you are new to the industry. While you may be able to find plenty of information on the internet, you are still likely to make mistakes or be misled by others. In any case, you are ultimately responsible for your investment decisions, so doing your own research will help you avoid making the same mistakes that many others have made.

BTFD stands for buy the fxxxxxx dips

In the world of crypto, the acronym BTFD stands for Buy The F*****g Dip, which is a popular strategy that encourages investors to buy cryptocurrencies on a dip. While this strategy has been used for decades, it has only recently become more popular thanks to younger traders. In a hot market, this aggressive strategy can be a great opportunity to gain profits, especially in volatile markets.

The term “buy the f-ing dips” (BTFD) stands for “buy the dip,” a popular trading strategy among cryptocurrency investors. It is used by a variety of people, including traders and investors. For example, a post on the wallstreetbets sub-Reddit with the acronym “BTFD” may be accompanied by the phrase “$GME is a time bomb.” Another term that refers to a dip is HODL, which stands for “hold on for dear life.”

NGMI is a marketing tactic

NGMI, or non-gaming micro-interaction, is an effective marketing strategy used by the NFL to reach out to a broad audience. By targeting its most loyal fans, the NFL is able to engage them in new ways. Last year, the league gave away 500 Super Bowl tickets to a group of passionate followers. Although a small business may not have the same fan base as the NFL, it can still take a lesson from their approach.

The NFL relies on television for most of its revenue, and while many advertisers are moving away from traditional television, more are shifting their spending to cost-effective digital ad channels. Through programmatic ad buying, advertisers can buy ad slots on digital video platforms or streaming services at the most affordable cost. With a large segment of its fan base abandoning television, the NFL can’t afford to ignore this shift in the way it advertises.

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