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    Money Heist-Berlin: New spin-off series!Click to learn more

Money Heist – Berlin Update: Money did make history it attracted several people all over the world it became an addiction for some people and every character in his series does have a different fan base from each other we will find the character in the top fan way list professor,

Professor Rules does have more fans than any other character in the series, and aside from Professor, there is one more character, “Berlin”. With, we can say that his character, the way he speaks, and everything he does, attracts a lot of people. Because of this, there will be a spin-off series featuring “Berlin” as the protagonist.

Money is officially called La Casa de Papel, so there will be a Korean version of the series, and we will also have a spin-off series featuring “Berlin”. We know this is very exciting news for fans of the Berlin character. So this will come in 2023.

Here are some details about the series.

Netflix announced in 2021 that its last season would be a two-part series, when rumors of another spinoff series were coming. Alex Pina, the creator of the Money Heist series, told at the time that they would have another spin-off series and that it could be released within a few years.

money robbery berlin

Before discussing everything about the Berlin character and the spin-off series, Alex Pina told Orpha Daily that they are planning a spin-off series.

Late November 2021, Part II of 5th Season of Money Heist officially launched on Netflix.

Actor of the Money Heist – Berlin

This guy, Alex Pina, is taking over the script of the show again to lock the hearts of fans. He made a commitment to Netflix in July 2018 and a deal in March 2022.

Plot of Money Heist – Berlin

From the title, we know that Berlin will be the protagonist of the series, and it’s all about him. We knew him in season 5 because Berlin had 5 ex-wives and Diana Gomez’s Tatiana was one of them and he told his story like 5 times he believed in love, That means he fell in love 5 times per ex-wife.

So if you want to know more about him, you must watch the belling series that will be released in 2023.

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