Netflix’s Mighty Express Season 4 Release Date, Cast, and Much More


The popular children’s tv series Mighty Express is all set to return with a fourth season. Created by Keith Chapman and Spinmaster Entertainment, Mighty Express Season 4 will hit Netflix really soon, in just a few days.

Let’s Recap

Mighty Express premiered in the States last year on September 22. The show has a Christmas special as well called “A Mighty Christmas” that aired on December 5. Soon after, Season 2 was released on February 2 and Season 3 on April 17 this year.

Mighty Express Season 4
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Cast and Release Date

Netflix had announced the show’s renewal on Twitter and said Season 4 will air in July, 2022. In another tweet, days after, Netflix announced that Season 4 will hit the streaming platform on July 27, 2022.

The same voice artists would return for the fourth season. Jay Hatton (Max), Zoe Hatz (Liza), Meesha Contreras (Nico), Dylan, Schombing (Freight Nate), Tyler Nathan (Build-It Brock), Leo Orgil (Mechanic Milo), Michela Luci (Farmer Faye), Ian Ho (Flicker), Evan LeFeuvre (Rescue Red), Annick Obonsawin (Peoplemover Penny), and Gracen Daly (Mandy Mail) will voice their respective characters.

Mighty Express Season 4
Mighty Express Season 4

Plot Line

The plot remains the same throughout the show, each episode bringing a new problem at hand and the characters dealing with them. Tracksville is a town in a world where kids work at stations and other places with intelligent talking trains called the Mighty Express trains. These trains have set responsibilities inside Tracksville. Each episode brings a new adventure as the trains and children solve problems together and live peacefully.


With only a couple days to go for the fourth season, Mighty Express is a lovely children’s show that’s both educational and entertaining. It teaches the values of harmony, helpfulness, and coexistence.

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