Netflix Miniseries ClickBait Release Date, Plot & Everything You Need to Know

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Tony Ayres and Christian White together created the upcoming Netflix Original crime drama miniseries named Clickbait. Tony Ayres Productions, Heyday Television, and Matchbox Pictures are producing the upcoming Netflix show. Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young, and Laura Besley have shared directorial duties over the 8 episodes of the show.

The highly anticipated original Netflix miniseries Clickbait will premiere at the end of August. The criminal thriller will focus on the hazards of social media, which the world is all too familiar with these days. We’ve got all the details on Clickbait, including the plot, actors, trailer, and Netflix premiere date.

Release Date and Teaser of Netflix Miniseries ClickBait

The wait for the Netflix miniseries “Clickbait” is almost over, as it will premiere on Netflix on 25th August 2022. Netflix released the teaser for ClickBait on its official YouTube channel 2 weeks ago that has garnered 302k views and 5.5k likes till now. The trailer, which is reminiscent of two other Netflix series, “You” and “Black Mirror”, suggests that Grenier’s character is a happy family man on the surface.

However, some secrets may be unclosed that reveals him to be something much different and darker than he appears on the outside. Moreover, social media will be the ultimate means that will reveal the potential sinister truth of who Nick Brewer truly is, much to his known people’s horror.

What’s the Plot of Clickbait?

Nick Brewer is a kind and devoted father, who unexpectedly departs one day, only to reappearance online another day. However, his online appearance is quite unusual as Nick is seen badly beaten and is seen holding a card that reads, “I abuse women. at 5 million views, I do.”


Thus, viewers will get to see if Nick has admitted to doing crimes that his wife was unaware of? Or is he being set up for something considerably more nefarious? Nick’s wife and sister are racing against the clock to save him, but as they learn more about Nick’s past, they realize he isn’t the man they thought they knew.

Who’s in the Cast List of ClickBait?

The cast members of Clickbait includes Jessica Collins, who will play the role of Emma Beesley, Camaron Engels will appear as Ethan Brewer, Jaylin Fletcher will portray the character of Kai Brewer, Motell Gyn Foster will play the character, Curtis Hamilton, Betty Gabriel will appear as Sophie Brewer, Adrian Grenier will play the character of Nick Brewer, Daniel Henshall will portray the character Simon Oxley, and Zoe Kazan will appear as Pia Brewer.

The additional cast members are Abraham Lim, Ian Meadows, Phoenix Raei, Elizabeth Alexander, Becca Lish, Kate Lister, and Steve Mouzakis.


An unknown individual kidnaps Nick Brewer, the loving father, and husband. This unknown individual appears to have been a sufferer of Nick’s abuse in the past and is now seeking vengeance. Nick appears wounded and assaulted in the video, holding a banner that reads, “I abuse women.” I die at 5 million views.”


Nick’s loved ones, Sophie and Pia, are in disbelief and rush to find and save him before it’s too late. However, as they learn more about Nick, they begin to doubt whether they ever truly knew him. The high-stakes thriller series will keep you on the rim of your seat from beginning to end. Will you be tuning in this August to see what’s going on?

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