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Dragon Ball Super 2022 movie review

Dragon Ball Super returns in style, with the premiere in theaters around the world of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Continuation of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie saga.

Except for the pleasure of being able to enjoy some epic battle on the big screen and with good sound, the film falls into the same mistakes in which the saga seems installed for years.

Yes, it is true that the film continues the official canon opened by Dragon Ball Superand that in creation is the father of the Dragon Ball universe, Akira Toriyama.

But the film turns out to be a bit watered down, a feeling heightened by the high expectations that previous films had generated, such as the one about the resurrection of Frieza or the more than remarkable one focused on the character of Brolia super warrior as mythical as it is interesting, which in a short time has become a benchmark for all followers.

The dragon ball super movie It can be divided into two clearly differentiated parts. A first phase in which we discover the new characters, but with a very childish look and at the service of the smallest of the house. And another in which he displays a great battle against the new villain.

The first bars have certain points of humor and the development of the plot is interesting, despite the fact that, as I say, it is more focused on children and it is a very childish vision of the universe of Son Goku and his friends.

An example: the villain of this film is a chubby youngster, more comical than fearsome, a descendant of Doctor Gero himself. An excessive glutton who feels more predilection for gobbling Oreo cookies than for sowing evil. In fact, the motivations for the resurgence of the Red Ribbon army are quite poor: they decide to attack Goku and his friends more because of a mistake and because of remembering the past than because of their desire to destroy the planet, which will cause most of the villains of the tape change sides upon discovering the inconsistent diabolical motivations.

This first part is designed to blatantly satisfy the fan service of the saga, with continuous references to the golden age of Dragon Ball: the first episodes in which Goku was a little boy, the Frieza saga and the Cell saga.

This causes even more unease in the viewer, feeling longing for past times of the franchise and that continuous feeling that any previous saga was better.

If one stops to think about the elaborate plots of Dragon Ball Z, the longing becomes almost a feeling of anger: the Namekian race gripped by ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Sayayin (Vegeta, Frieza and company) or the cyborgs created by Doctor Gero that mysteriously appear on planet Earth and whose goal is to destroy Goku and the entire planet Earth.

Dragon Ball Z is a serious, dark and adult saga. With well designed and understandable stories. At the height of other franchises such as The Knights of the Zodiac whose seriousness and respect for the most adult viewers were the hallmark.

Dragon Ball Super has resulted in intergalactic plots, plagued by mediocre characters and filler episodes that turn out to be simply vomiting. It is true that anime always looks at humor and some unlikely characters but the saga has been lurching senselessly for years, filling hours to fill.

Far are the plots of the Trunks of the future, coming from a dystopian and post-apocalyptic Earth that made hair stand on end and that had a script and character development of ten.

If you want strong emotions in abundance, do not miss the saga (unofficial and outside Toriyama’s canon of Dragon Ball Heroes).

The villains of the movie

The new villains of the Super saga are not as charismatic as the previous ones, which is why characters like Frieza or Cell continue to be overexploited.

In fact, the villain of this movie is a gigantic new version of Cell, called Cell Max. A character lacking in background, who bases his strength on his great size, something that from what we have learned over the years is not always the cause of great power (if not, tell the transformations into a giant gorilla that very soon were overtaken by other Ki powers and transformations into smaller, slimmer characters).

The protagonists of this dragonball movie 2022 are Piccolo Y Son Gohanthe eternal aspirant to be the character most loved by fans, who is still determined to part with his life as a fighter and dedicate himself body and soul to studies (really? All a waste).

Of course, the film serves to please the fans a bit because finally Son Gohan seems to get serious (even if it is in the last minutes of the movie) and displays all his power in a kind of evolution towards his father’s ultra-instinct, although without expressly mentioning it.

toriyama seems to laugh a bit at the viewers by continually reminding himself throughout the footage that, in reality, Son Gohan He is the character with the greatest power, although I am afraid that we will never see him.

Of course, those who expected to see Son Goku deploying the ultra-instinct and Vegeta reaching the alternative to this (the UltraEgo: a technique similar to Goku’s that has only reached the manga at the moment), will come face to face with reality. Since both are absurdly untraceable training with the God of Destruction Bill Sama. Another lack of respect for the spectators.

As villains, apart from the aforementioned chubby grandson of Doctor Gero, we have two new Cyborgs (Alpha 1 and Alpha 2) who are closer to the very poor children’s characters of Dragon Ball Super than to the fearsome cyborgs that frightened us all in our youth. , dressed in cyberpunk clothing and earrings: C17 and C18 or Doctor Gero himself.

dragon ball z cyborgs

cinematic cheering

In honor of the truth, it must be said that the few colossal battles that we see in the movies are very good, with powerful magic and brutal shock waves, treated with current animation techniques and in colorful and bright colors: purples, greens, blacks.

On a technical and visual level, the series grows precisely when they recall moments from the first sagas, in which techniques are used that resemble an old comic.

For the main plot, animation techniques are used that are reminiscent of Play Station video games (those eternal transitions in which we have to see each other before we get into trouble), in which there is no glimpse of craftsmanship and that, particularly, out of the movie, preventing you from enjoying the viewing. Everything seems very artificial and done by computer, that detracts from it and creates a feeling of sadness again when remembering the line of the drawing from the first seasons or movies.

Of course, the errors in the strokes and in the images that we have seen in the anime series of Dragon Ball Super, in which sometimes the characters’ faces seemed to be poorly or half drawn. An intolerable bungling, by the way.

Can you imagine Dragon Ball Super with an avant-garde and careful animation like that of the Arcane series or with a plot that is really chilling due to the darkness of its characters? Clearly we will never see that.

Dragon Ball Super is waiting to continue the saga of Japanese comics (manga) on the small screen, to discover the new arch-enemies: Moro and company.

Yes indeed, toriyama is still determined to continue exploiting plots of multiverses and soulless characters that have nothing to do with the realistic and fearsome stories that we saw in Dragon Ball Z: Goku’s anger looking for a capsule with which to escape from the destroyed planet Namek after defeating Frieza or those cyborgs infiltrated among the humans traveling by van to find and destroy Goku. They were different times…

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