More than 145 thousand tell Disney: “My family will not see your LGBT movies”

Jasjot Singh

More than 145,000 people have signed a pledge not to watch any Disney LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) movies, or buy related products.

“The bombshell testimony of Disney executives and the lesbian kiss in the Lightyear movie confirmed what many of us have known for a long time: Disney, today, is a hostage of activists. LGBT bent on corrupting our children through homosexual indoctrination”, indicates the commitment launched on the CitizenGo platform.

However, the text specifies, “Disney cares about the income from its films and products. And actually the Disney movie Lightyear flopped on its first weekend in theaters”.

“They entered 51.7 million dollars in the United States, far from the 120 million of Toy Story 4 or the 110 million of Toy Story 3. In addition, the collection of its second weekend fell 65%, marking another new low”.

“We, you and I, plus thousands of parents around the world, are winning the battle that CitizenGo started against Disney three years ago: in the course of just one year, Disney stock has plummeted nearly 50%, already that his productions with political overtones continue alienating the public and provoking angry reactions from fans”, refers the text.

In this sense, CitizenGo encourages you to sign the commitment, which will be delivered to the CEO of Disney, to “not see any Disney movie or show or to buy any product that promotes gender ideology”.

The gender ideology or the gender approach is a current that considers that sex is a sociocultural or self-perception issue and not a biological one, and that various states seek to impose through the education of children and young people.

To sign the commitment, you can access this link:

Lightyear’s failure

Lightyear, a Disney film made by its animation company Pixar, is a spin-off of the famous Toy Story saga, and has been banned in at least 14 countries for showing a story and a kiss between two women.

The animated film from Disney and Pixar, which suffered a heavy defeat at the box office in the first weekend since its release, has been criticized for its LGBT content.

Also, Disney has announced that it will premiere in November “Strange World” (a strange world), an animated film that will present the first openly homosexual teen romance in the company’s history.

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