‘Moon Knight’: Who is Tueris, the hippopotamus goddess of the fourth episode


Warning, SPOILERS!

*If you haven’t seen ‘Moon Knight’ Chapter 4, don’t keep reading

The fourth episode of ‘Moon Knight’ surprised us with a radical twist that completely changed what we had seen up to that point in the Marvel Studios series. At the end of the chapter, the character played by Oscar Isaac wakes up in a mental institution after being shot by Arthur Harrow, the villain played by Ethan Hawke.

Prostrated in a wheelchair and holding a Moon Knight action figure in his hands, Marc Spector discovers that everything he experienced up to that moment could have been a product of his imagination due to his mental illness, creating an alternate reality from a B-movie adventure movie and his experience at the clinic. However, he soon discovers that everything is a plan orchestrated by the villain, after which he tries to escape from the center, meeting Steven Grant himself in physical form. Both try to run away together, but then they run into a hippopotamus dressed as an Egyptian who greets them kindly, unleashing a cry of panic in both.

The moment, in addition to disturbing and making people laugh, has made many wonder who the mysterious animal character is. Well, it is the Egyptian goddess Tueris (Taweret), a deity linked to fertility and protector of pregnant women whose name means ‘Great Female of the Earth’ or simply ‘A Great Woman’. Represented in mythology and art as a hippopotamus woman with human attributes, she also receives the nicknames Mysterious of the Horizon, The One Who Removes the Water or Lady of the Sky, and usually appears pregnant and with feline limbs and legs, and crocodile scales. on the back and tail. In ‘Moon Knight’, however, we can see the character dressed in golden armor, the symbol of the star of the northern hemisphere and a scarab on her chest.

Tueris, who is voiced in the original version by the unknown Antonia Salib, possesses the ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, and also the ability to bring the dead back to life. Hence she was revered in the past for her power to heal and bring forth life. With which, the character can be very valuable for the survival of Steven / Marc in the remaining two episodes of the series.

Although ‘Moon Knight’ has been based on the Marvel comics to introduce the big twist of the fourth episode, the truth is that Tueris has never appeared in the pages of his comics. On the contrary, the vignettes have reflected the Ennead, a group of Egyptian gods that has watched over humanity since the beginning of time, and to which several of the deities that have already appeared in the series belong, such as Osiris, Hathor , Horus, Tefnut, Isis, and of course, Ammit and Khonshu. Although Tueris has not been part of this group in the comics, it is possible that in the series he is another of its members. In any case, we will surely know more in the fifth episode, which airs on Disney+ on Wednesday, April 27.

The origin in a poster

After the airing of the fourth episode, “Moon Knight” writer/executive producer Jeremy Slater responded to a fan on Twitter who pointed to a poster of Egyptian deities that had appeared on the series: “That’s it! That poster totally changed. the second half of our series.

Slater explains (via ComicBoook) how thanks to that poster, Tueris became an obsession for him and that led to his ending up appearing in the series. “From week one, Marvel provided us with a lot of reference material on Egyptology and ancient Egyptian gods,” he says. “One of the pieces was a laminated poster with children’s drawings of all the gods. One of those gods was Tueris. I spent that entire first week in the writers’ room looking at that image. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and broke off the conversation that was taking place.” we were having to say, ‘There’s one more important thing: how do we get the hippo into the show?

Initially, the writers laughed, believing that Slater was joking, but nothing could be further from the truth: “I said, ‘no, stop laughing. I’m being very serious. We’re going to put her in the series,'” he recalls. . “I think that was the moment where everyone realized that we had permission to get weird. We had permission to do some things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you weren’t working at a place like Marvel Studios. That made me turn toward the weird.” , and most importantly, it led to the appearance of my favorite hippo on the show.”

‘Moon Knight’ continues its broadcast on Disney + on Wednesday, April 27 and the directors have already warned that there will be more surprises in the two remaining episodes.

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