Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab on his 200-page campaign, designing costumes

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With the latest Marvel series, moon knightnow on Disney+, I’m going to talk to the director recently Mohammad Diab About making series.In the interview, Diab talks about getting into Marvel with his wife and a 200-page pitch, how moon knight Keeping the least amount of additional photography in Marvel history, how they designed both moon knight Costumes worn in the series, deleted scenes, and whether he’s heard of it moon knight Season 2,

If you are not familiar with the series, moon knight Following Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a suave gift shop employee at the Museum of London, haunted by power outages and memories of another life. Steven soon discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector, a former U.S. Marine bestowed by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. His supernatural abilities. As Steven and Mark’s enemies gather upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while being drawn into a deadly mystery among Egypt’s mighty gods.

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moon knight And stars May Karamavi (frame), Gaspard Ullieland F. Murray Abraham As Kong Shu’s voice.The series is directed by Diab (episodes 1, 3, 5 and 6) and Synchronous duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead (Episodes 2 and 4).It was made by Phineas, and Grant Curtis, tommy turtle and Jeremy Slater.

See what Mohamed Diab has to say in the player above and below exactly what we’re talking about.

Collider: Have you talked to Marvel about anything else before? moon knight? How did you strike up a conversation?

MOHAMED DIAB: I made small Egyptian films. Then my films went to the big festivals, Cannes and Venice. Your agent is looking for items for you. I was called “Mr. No” and most projects said “no” to most projects, but once they sent me this project, I was hooked. This is what I’m looking for. It’s a big budget, but at the same time, I care about intimate stories. Mark and Steven’s story is interesting.

I will do this without taking action. I do not care. I like that. I feel like this is an extension of my film. If I come up with my formula, if I come up with something grounded, the way I imagine it to act, the darkness I can bring, I can add something to the table.

My wife and I did a 200 page pitch. My wife Sarah Goher is my partner and my co-author. She is now the producer of the show. The moment we finished the course, we looked at each other and I told her, “Sarah, we’re going to get that job, or what’s wrong with the world.” Because it wasn’t just, we covered everything because We cover locations, pitch, music, score, action, how we see Egypt, how we see each location, and even how to develop characters.

But it’s like, we clicked on this item. It’s not just covering stuff. It’s just that we know we’re the best people to tell this story. In many other cases, which is why I may not have applied for other jobs, I didn’t feel the same way. At this point, I feel it. Ironically, the pitch became the bible of the show. It’s today’s program. So one day I’m going to share that pitch. Two years later, you will be surprised, and this is the show. Some of the images didn’t even appear in the show, we’ve put it in the credits scene.

Moon Knight Episode 1 Crowley
Image via Disney+

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I’m going to save it for last. But since you’re so keen to make it a reality, I just want to ask you, have you talked to Marvel about doing a second season? Doing more, are you interested?

Diab: I want you to know a secret. Marvel is so mysterious that your experience is mine. I do not know anything. Sometimes you ask yourself, “Am I doing something wrong?” But I think that’s how they do it. Thank god they love the show.

They’re expressing every day how much they love the show, but it’s not like any other show that’s meant to be on something other than the Marvel Universe.Meaning any TV series, if it’s good, you know you’re going to get a second season, but a Wanda Vision great. You didn’t get a second season, you went somewhere i’m pretty sure moon knight Yes lived, lived for a long time, in my opinion. This is just a prediction. He’s so funny, I think he’ll stay, but what’s next? Will he be another season? Will it be made into a movie? Did he join someone else? My guess is yours.

I hear this from every director. Come in from the outside, someone who hasn’t worked with Marvel before, and what surprises you about working with them on this series that you probably didn’t expect?

Diab: Well, a few things. First of all, I didn’t expect someone like Kevin (Feige) to be so hands-on. What he does is almost genius. I can’t understand it, a guy overseeing 20 projects at the same time. If you ask him if he has a word about a certain word in the draft that we change almost every week, he knows what has changed. That’s what he is. So hands on, it’s very helpful.

Because if you work with them, you have to know that these people are the most successful in the history of the industry. So they have a secret recipe. You have to know that you are here for a reason. You also have a secret recipe. So the two of you can bring something together. But the hands-on experience was amazing because I pushed the envelope and gave me a chance to play this IP or something.

I want to push it. I wanted something that they wouldn’t normally think they wanted, and I wanted it to look and feel different than every other MCU project, which in the end was the case. You might say today that some people keep telling me that if the first episode doesn’t start with the Marvel logo, you don’t necessarily know it’s a Marvel show, and that’s something I’m proud of. I’m proud of how we remove any crossover ideas, we don’t need crutches. We stand alone, and this project… maybe it’s a surprise that we can stand alone, not cross.

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac and Director Mohammad Diab
Image via Disney+

Yes, that’s probably my favorite thing about the MCU, which is that they keep reinventing what’s possible in this universe. That’s one of the reasons I think people love it.

DIAB: By the way, like a person watching from a distance, every two or three years, if there’s a little doubt about what this project is going to be, ah, that’s my superhero fatigue waiting for fall. All of a sudden, those Guys know how to turn things around and reinvent themselves. I think hiring people like me is part of that. Hiring like Oscar, people like Ethan, you don’t associate those names with a program like this.

But I want to tell you that if you think it’s a different project, it’s because of all these people, because of me, because of Ethan, because of Oscar, because of every collaborator in my opinion, that’s the right person. Because of my Egyptian composer, you know what I mean? Just like Hersham Nazih. Each of them brought something as my wife picked Egyptian songs one by one. I thought it was a good introduction to Egyptian culture.

These episodes are longer than some other MCU shows. Do you end up with a lot of deleted scenes?

Deborah: It depends on the episode, but there are definitely cut scenes, but not as many as you might think because we’re… We hold the record for the least amount of extra photography in Marvel history. So usually, there is additional photography. We have minimal additional photography, four days.


Diab: Nothing. Absolutely. I think part of the reason is that Marvel allows us to do this when we meet every week, and sometimes even before filming, we do it, it says on the table. It’s us, the writers and all the talent, Sarah, Grant, our great executive producers. We all read the script, everyone got involved, and everyone did their best. So in a way, we’ve done what’s usually done at the end, which is that Marvel never makes a movie bad. Even if they were to reshoot the whole thing, they didn’t care. So we tried our best to help from the beginning. I think this is helpful.

moon knight after battle with supernatural creature

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can you talk about design Moon Knight Costumes? There are obviously two versions, but can you talk about how you want it to look and feel?

DIAB: Ironically, ironically, we started with Steven having Moon Knight and Marc having Mr. Knight, but it’s one of the best ways to spend time developing things. You start to realize that no, no, no, this dress is for this person. It works for them. We realize what logic this is.

The logic should be that each of them inspired his suit. So a suit is inspired by who you are, or what you like, or how you imagine a suit. That’s why Steven, who is completely out of the superhero world, the coolest thing about him is when they tell him to summon the suit, it’s the suit. It’s almost an Armani suit. So it makes sense. But I like that he has two suits and the one we work on is more of the Moon Knight suit.

I love how different it is from anything we’ve seen in any superhero before. But I think it tells a lot about the story. You can look at the suit and the anatomy, you can see the crescent on him, he’s pulling. And it’s a weapon. You see how he was mummified, the cape and the weapon, you see the hieroglyphs on him. It’s a really fun thing to do.

On the other hand, as a director, I’m more afraid of Mr. Knight’s suit because such a white suit looks terrible on camera. It could be stupid or it could be weird. But ironically, the moment Oscar stepped in, we thought…that’s cool. We’re actually trying to come up with moments where we can extend it further.

On that note, I had to stop. I just want to say congratulations and I hope this is a huge hit for you all.

Diab: I want to thank you. I want to tell you that even the next two episodes, I’m sure they won’t let you down. They are even crazier. I want to watch it someday, maybe with you. I know you’re crazy, but one day we can watch it together on the big screen, six hours.

Oscar Isaac picture of the moon knight
Image via Disney+

listen to me. I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I hope they-

Diab: I’m sure.

I wish more Marvel series would be shown on the big screen.

Dab: One day. I confirm.

Yes. They are movie quality. you know what I mean?

DIAB: Like a movie, you know. There isn’t a day when we call it a TV show. We call it a movie.

Anyway, we can go on and on. I can’t wait to watch the last two episodes. thank you for your time.

Diab: Thank you very much, bro. Thank you.

moon knight Now streaking on Disney+.

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‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, director Mohamed Diab and producer Grant Curtis break down the making of Marvel’s latest show

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