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The rise of the monster hunter it was, without a doubt, one of the best chapters in the franchise. A franchise that, in 2004, amazed everyone with its hardcore soul and that created a fanbase of increasingly passionate players hunting for dragons and fantastic creatures. Over time, however, the series has also addressed a more mainstream audience, slowly skimming all those potentially superfluous mechanics to find the essence of the brand. This led Capcom has give birth to Monster Hunter: worlda real starting point for the series, which after a long time has also been granted to less experienced players.

The aforementioned Climbinstead, it arrived last year exclusively on Nintendo Switchto then receive a port on PC. Exactly as expected, the Japanese software house has further perfected the gameplay, giving life to a slim title, perfect for its portable nature and, at the same time, full of elements capable of driving even the most experienced player crazy. It is with extreme interest, therefore, that we approached Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreakgreat expansion that introduces numerous innovations. All for the substantial sum of around 40 euros. Will it be worth taking up our weapon of trust again to tackle this avalanche of unpublished content?


Sunbreak’s storyline picks up exactly at the end of Rise’s campaign and sees us interacting with a girl named Swallowwho needs our help to save his outpost. Apparently, in fact, new mysterious creatures are stirring following the awakening of the elder dragon known as Malzeno. It will be up to us, therefore, to prevent the basis of Elgado is destroyed.

As you can see, the story is nothing more than a pretext to push the player to hunt stronger and stronger creatures. Of course there are often dialogues that enrich the whole, but there is a constant perception that they are completely useless. The aim of the game remains to throw yourself into continuous missions, to gradually improve your equipment. In short, everything as planned. We particularly liked the idea behind the three new main monsters, coming from Western folklore. The Lunagaron is clearly a werewolf, the Garangolm represents the monster of Frankenstein and the Malzenoobviously, the vampire lord Dracula.

We were also very impressed with the new location, which allows us to do everything we did at Carpenterbut with less effort. Everything seems to have been designed with only one purpose: to simplify, to allow the user to focus on the pure play sector.


Let’s start with a simple concept: Sunrise he has no intention of revolutionizing the franchise, but of perfecting it. That’s why the never too popular ones have been removed Fury missionsreplaced in this case by shipments alongside some NPC specific. An interesting addition for those who want to enjoy the Monster Hunter Rise single player sector as much as possible, while also gaining a slight psychological insight into the various characters that roam the camp.

The real reason to buy this new expansion though is the grade Great teacherwhich boasts an enhanced version of the base title’s monsters and numerous new additions. Through these missions it will therefore be possible to have access to a whole new equipment, to climb more and more the ranks within the hierarchy of hunters. As you could expect, this is content that is perfect only for experienced players, which otherwise risk being frustrating for the most inexperienced players. Our first advice, in fact, is to approach Sunbreak only if you intend to spend hours and hours on the title. For more “casual” users, there is always the base game.

Capcom then well thought of introducing the ability to change the skill set on the fly. A choice that gives life to new synergies between the moves, allowing professionals to chain new combos like never before. This is followed by an improvement in every single aspect of the game, from the abilities of the companions to the balance of weapons and opponents, which now also boast slightly different patterns. Not to mention an endgame full of new content, but which we prefer not to reveal to you so as not to anticipate important plot events. A great job to perfect a title that, for many, was already considered perfect.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


As for the technical sector, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak consolidates what was seen last year. Capcom has managed to put together a solid title, beautiful to look at and also cared for in the audio part. A little gem that all Nintendo Switch and PC owners should own. The online management is also excellent, allowing us to play with friends without any problem. A result that, especially when it comes to the ecosystem Nintendoit is not to be taken for granted.

In a nutshell Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a must-have expansion for everyone who loved the base title. If you are looking for new content, you can spend these forty euros with a light heart. If, on the contrary, you are approaching the franchise now, our suggestion is to recover the base title and, only if you want to perfect your technique, move on to this DLC. After all, these are end-game unlockable content and were meant for hardcore gamers.


Type of game

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, just like the base title, is an action RPG with strong hues.

How it was played

The title was played on Nintendo Switch OLED thanks to a code kindly provided to us by the Italian Publisher.

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