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Undoubtedly, it was not just us, but most Brazilians grew up following the comics and drawings coming from the Limoeiro neighborhood by Maurício de Sousa. Even since the 70’s! That’s why Daniel Rezende’s live-action films, “Ties“ (2019) e “lessons“(2021) was greeted with a lot of love by fans. So we should have a season 2 of Monica’s Gang – The Series no Globoplaypour?

At first, the stories of the first two live-action films of the “Monicaverse” were adaptations of eponymous graphic novels by MSP. However, the current series that brought Giulia Benite, Kevin Vechiatto, Laura Rauseo and Gabriel Moreir back to the main cast also had an original script. Especially, which stayed true to the characters and their arcs. But, that unfortunately marked the end of his journey.

So it is. And with that, fans are among pretty mixed feelings these days. Therefore, continue with the Streaming Brazil and understand the controversial situation of the 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series no Globoplay. And, also know everything about what are the next projects announced by Maurício de Sousa Productions for the screens. So… ball there!

Monica’s Gang – The Series he was canceled no Globoplay?

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First of all, no, the show did not suffer any cancellations. On the contrary, Season 1 was actually planned from the beginning as the only one. In other words, this is a miniseries. Not only that, this production also marks the final appearance of the original cast of Daniel Rezende’s films. And going forward, we should wait for different casts to take on reboots and new lines, simultaneously (with both the “classic” Gang and a Young).

In any case, the unfortunate news was received negatively by the public. After all, many claim to have already invested emotionally with Giulia Benite, Kevin Vechiatto and their Class Club. That’s why the most dissatisfied fans started a petition to promote the 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series. In short, which is already a record holder in the Brazil and – on this date – more than 50 thousand supporters:

For now, the franchise’s official profile responded to criticism by noting that they are following the movement and “listening” to feedback. So, there is hope that the campaign – which aims to bring about a renewal without intervening in projects with new casts in development – will be heeded soon. In this sense, with some optimism and because it is a reasonably “fast” production, a 2nd season could debut as soon as 2023.

However, do not think that the decision was not properly justified. Once at Folha de S. PauloMarcos Saraiva, the executive producer of MSP (Maurício de Sousa Productions), revealed 2 big whys. First, that they don’t want to associate their characters with specific faces (as in Marvel), not to be limited. And finally, to avoid growing the cast’s cache, which would result in budget/investment issues.

theories e plots and 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series

(reproduction credits: Globoplay)

[Nota: SPOILERS do fim da 1ª temporada a seguir]

Although there is no consensus about the future of the series in the Globoplay, fans already stop to imagine what the theme and story of the sequel would be (whether in film or through a 2nd season). In this sense, to demonstrate the entry of Mônica, Cebolinha, Cascão, Magali and the rest of her “Class Club” in adolescence would be ideal. So to speak, taking the turn of the arcs of maturation and crushes.

At first, the intention was to adapt the trilogy of the comic book artists and brothers, Vitor and Luciana Cafaggi, with Ties, lessons e “Memories“ of the seal Grapich MSP. But the pandemic forced these plans to be changed, which turned the 3rd film into the original scripted series. Therefore, a 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series could continue exploring with the fertile zone that exists between the “classical” and Young of the group. Consequently, bringing even more original plots like the one we saw in season 1.

In addition, there are many characters that can be introduced and others that, although we have seen them – such as Penha (Manuela Macedo) – could be further explored. And, accordingly, the cast itself supports the model followed by Harry Potter e Stranger Thingswith Kevin Vechiatto (Cebolinha) having told the Sheet who doesn’t see “a problem with aging with the characters”. Likewise, our Magali, Laura Rauseo, is already supporting the renovation:

What is the list and 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series?

Banner and official poster of the classic child cast and story of the 2nd season of Turma da Mônica – A Série da Maurício de Sousa Produções on Globoplay with petition for renewal by angry fans
(reproduction credits: Globoplay)

Now, since the fuss of the time is linked to the cast of “Monicaverse” in live-action by filmmaker Daniel Rezende, how about remembering the names of the group that won the love and loyalty of so many fans? Starting, of course, with the collective desire to see Giulia Benite as Monica, Kevin Vechiatto as Cebolinha, Laura Rauseo as Magali, Gabriel Moreir as Cascão and Emilly Nayara as Milena.

Also, to the no less important, the petition for the 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series also calls for the return of the expansive supporting cast of other classic characters from the Limoeiro neighborhood by Maurício de Sousa. Such as:

Vinícius Higo as Do Contra;Laís Villela as Marina;Becca Guerra as Denise;Rodrigo Kenji as Nimbus;Luisa Gattai and Mariana Ximenes as Carminha Frufru and Madame Frufru;Fernando Caruso as Captain Ugly / Feitoso;Tiago Minski Schmitt as Franjinha;Lucas Infante as Humberto;Pedro Souza as Jeremias;Cauã Martins as Titi;Pedro Henriques Motta as Quinzinho;Manuela Macedo as Penha;Giovani Donato as Dudu.

“I am aware [do reboot] and I think we have to give that opportunity to new actors. Obviously, I would love to continue playing Monica, but I’m not the one who decides that. So I can’t comment much further on that,” Giulia Benite said on the pink carpet at MTV Meow of 2022.

Finally, characters from the films such as Monica Iozzi’s Dona Luísa and, especially, Tina (Isabelle Drummond), Rolo (Gustavo Merighi) and Louco (Rodrigo Santoro) are also requisitions for the 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series. Including, which could appear again with icons still unexplored as Xaveco, Dorinha, Maria Cebolinha and Luca (among many others).

As 13 close premieres do Monicaverse from the small screens

Astronaut: Propulsion Official Banner and Poster for HBO Max Adult Animated Series and Turma da Mônica spin-off
(playback credits: MSP/HBO Max)

Before closing the matter, it is important to point out that the Maurício de Sousa Productions already has 13 parallel projects to Monica’s Gang – The Series under development. So, check out what are the upcoming productions in the list below:

bento boy (film directed by Daniel Rezende, with shooting scheduled for the end of 2022);Franjinha and Milena in Search of Science (series of HBO Max with 2 seasons filming);Monica’s Young Gang (4 annual films with a new adult cast, starting in 2023);Penadinho’s gang (5 films without forecast);Jeremiah: First (series still without predictions);Astronaut: Propulsion (animated series with 6 episodes for HBO Max and prelude to the comics).

“Right after seeing the graphic novel reinterpretations of Astronaut by Danilo Beyruth [Magnetar (2012), Singularidade (2014), Assimetria (2016) e Entropia (2018)] I realized I had everything needed for a great animated and sci-fi series”, Maurício said about “Propulsion“.

– via TV news

Finally, despite the vague possibility of a 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series, Marcos Saraiva has already confirmed that they will bring projects with a new child cast interpreting the classic version of the characters. Therefore, although we do not know any name until then, it has already been announced that the reboot will have its premiere between 2023 and 2025.

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Hey, Limoeiro brutes and fru-frus, would you like to be aware of the main news of the 2nd season of Monica’s Gang – The Series no Globoplay? So, join us on Streaming Brazil and also by YouTube.

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