Mercedes Milá will have to undergo surgery after her spectacular fall on a bicycle

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The presenter has updated her situation by obtaining a more serious diagnosis than it seemed at first.

Mercedes Milá will have to undergo surgery after her spectacular fall on a bicycle

Lidia Pinilla Villuendas

09 Aug 2022

Mercedes Milá gave news to her followers that left them all worried. The presenter had suffered a spectacular fall while she was riding a bicycle, during her vacation in France, which had resulted in a broken humerus that caused her to end up with an immobilized arm. And, although it seemed that it was not something very serious, and that she was only going to have to wear the sling for a while, things have changed.

Now, after explaining everything that happened, the presenter has returned to Spain after going to the hospital in France and has paid a visit to her trusted doctor, who has confirmed that the break she has suffered is more serious than expected. “My doctor, Rafa González-Adrio, has done a TAC on me. I have not given credit to the result,” she has begun by telling her in her Instagram stories.

“At the hospital in France, near where I fell, they assured me that I had a clean break that did not require an operation and now it turns out that I destroyed the head of the humerus and it is urgent that I go through the operating room,” he continued explaining, speaking of the operation to which he has to submit. And he has stated that the period of rest and rehabilitation will be longer than he originally expected.

However, once again the journalist has not lost her sense of humor and has taken the difficult situation she is going through with great joy: “It is true that the pain is increasing, but it was not in my plans to ‘delete’ the month of August. William Levy and a servant we ran out of vacations”, he has counted referring to the interview he conducted.

Accompanied by yours

Although she is going through a difficult time that is going to give her some time to rest from her work projects, the presenter did not want to stop the plans she had. Thus, a few days ago she shared a photograph dining in a restaurant in Barcelona very well accompanied: “With my family… it is very easy to recover like this,” she shared on her personal account.


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