Melani Olivares looks for the girl who could have been hit by the car that was stolen

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The actress has not heard from her vehicle since June 7, the day it was stolen, and now she is trying to find out more.

Melani Olivares looks for the girl who could have been hit by the car that was stolen

It was last Tuesday, June 7, when Melani Olivares had her car stolen while it was parked in a parking lot in the central neighborhood of Chueca, in Madrid. Since then, the actress has still not managed to find him and she has not hesitated to ask for help through social networks to see if any of her followers can give her a clue. And the idea was not bad since days later she received a message related to the theft of her car.

As the actress herself now explains through her Instagram stories, a girl had sent her a message on Instagram telling her that she could have been hit by her car after being stolen. Very valuable information for both of them who have just been united by two important scares. But she could have continued if it wasn’t for Olivares losing track of those messages among all the ones she receives daily on her account.

“Vanesa, if you hear me, contact me again”

For this reason, just as he did not hesitate twice to report the theft, he is now trying to publicly contact this girl: “I am looking for a girl who last Friday [10 de junio] They took her from the front with a black SUV and, according to her, it was an X3”, she began by narrating, launching the hypothesis that the run over could have occurred with the car that was stolen from her.

The only thing she needs now is to get in touch with this girl again: “Vanesa, if you hear me, see me, contact me again. I want to know how you are and if you had found out anything else”, I asked her. For her part, the actress assures that regardless of this she has not yet heard anything about her car or the search for him “because the Police have a lot of work I imagine” and that for the moment she remains unaccounted for .

Melani Olivares had already informed her followers of the theft following their advice to see if the magic of the internet occurs and someone can find a clue to her car or even the car itself. “I’m still paying for it,” he admits. A public and desperate request that has not yet yielded results despite the fact that it has almost 300,000 reproductions.


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