Mayans season 4 review

Mayans season 4 review

In the madness to control the market of streaming platforms, that a series like Mayans, belonging to the North American channel continues to broadcast for four seasons is almost a miracle. Today we pay tribute and value the series with this mayans season 4 review.

We say that its maintenance on the air is a miracle because if something has left behind the platform war, it is the taste for cancellations and safe bets. Mayanson the other hand, is an acquired taste, not suitable for all audiences.

the fiction of fx tried to pick up the onlooker brothers who hallucinated with Sons of Anarchyorphaned (literally) after the end of the series.

Mayans began with many problems: being in the continuous shadow of the original series, the problems with Kurt Sutter (creator and director of both series), who left – or rather was fired – the project in the second season for his continuous slights to the team and their pot goings during the filming.

In addition, the series began hesitantly, determined to delve into plots related to Mexican cartels and characters that were of no interest to anyone.

Mayans It shouldn’t deal with cartels, revolutions or various soap operas, for that we already have other fictions like Narcos. Mayans is the series that narrates the adventures of the rival motorcycle club of the Sons of Anarchy. Spot.

So after several changes in the script room and in the production of the series, with a change of opening included, finally in the last moments of the third season they offered us what they had promised us: motorcycles and wars between rival clubs.

Mayans returns to the origins in their rivalry are the Sons of Anarchy

The fourth season reveals the change in direction of the series: finally the main plot is based on the war between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy.

Come on, now yes, after 4 years, fiction offers what they assured us it would be: a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy In all rules.

As if that were not enough, Mayans enjoys the support of the public on the chain fx, so this summer the renewal for a fifth season was announced. The series can also be seen through HBO Max and Disney +.

Mayans has been renewed for a fifth season.

Ez descends into hell (spoilers)

The new showrunner of the series is turning the tide in time, I feel bad for Kurt Sutterabsolute creator of the biker universe (which already hit it with the infamous medieval fiction The Bastard Executioner), but Elgin James has managed to do something as simple as offering the audience what they want. Nothing more.

Along the way, he liquidates horrible characters who did not connect with the audience (they have finally finished with Coco and her drug addiction plots), they clean up the whole plot of the Los Galindo clan in one fell swoop (I can’t stand any of those characters and I what happens to them brings it to the fore), tensions are created within the Mayans of Santo Padre themselves and again, the threat of dismembering the club from within through supposed moles and the FBI arises.

We began to meet the real bikers that make up the club. Some of them absurdly blurred and without any kind of background or history. After four seasons I can call them by their name, I begin to discover them and become interested in their fears, desires and desires.

Behind Jax Teller, who had a nice guy background, hell-bent on putting the SAMCRO club on the right track, it seemed that E.Z. Reyes it would repeat the same pattern, which could become an unnecessary reiteration.

But the creators of Mayans do not want to fall into mistakes of the past, so they have given a radical twist to the character of EZ. In this fourth season, little or nothing remains of that smart, almost gifted (mentally!) boy with a good heart who falls into the Mayans biker club almost by chance and a misunderstood loyalty to his brother.

No, in the fourth season of Mayans, EZ becomes a really dark and sinister character capable of taking down anyone who gets in his way.

Perhaps the trip E.Z. Reyes It was too abrupt. She has failed to ride a dragon instead of a harley to become a Khalesii in a vest.

But his motivations are somewhat understandable. The role of good and kind boy responded more to the titanic efforts of his father to crush the monster that he carried inside him. Overly verbalized: EZ was really the demon brother and Angel the good brother.

Ez is a ruthless killer—just like his father once was. Instead, his brother Angelwhom we presumed as the brainless and villain, has inherited the peaceful heart of his deceased mother, masked by a patina of tattoos and cigarettes that fools no one.

Perhaps the choice of the name is no coincidence, being before one of the biggest spoilers in recent television history (with permission from Devs). Ezekiel is the prophet who had to spread the word during the exile in the desert, whose mystical visions tried to eliminate false idols and establish the true message. There each one in the biblical interpretations of him.

The turning point in which Ez kills the good Gabi, his ex-girlfriend, breaks all ties with the good side -or less bad- of the character. A formidable and unexpected scene that tells how well the series is currently channeling itself.

Little remains of the rookie (prospect) that we saw in the first seasons. The estrangement with Jax Teller seems hopeless – and incidentally with everything that stinks of Kurt Sutter. This character longs to become President and rule his lackeys with a heavy hand.

So, in some heart-stopping final episodes, Ez pulls off an ingenious move to put an end to The Godfather, who advocated bringing the club toward legality and peace, leaving Bishop in the background after vilely using him, to stay in charge of the Mayans of the Holy Father, with the sole objective of sowing terror and exterminating as many Sons of Anarchy as remain on the asphalt.

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