Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, our Steam Deck experience

It is no longer a surprise: Marvel’s Spider-Man it was a real success with audiences and critics. Capable of selling 3.3 million copies in just three days from its release, the branded title sleepless quickly earned a reputation as a “first party title of Sony sold faster “. A result that, together with the expansion dedicated to Miles Moralesallowed the game to exceed 33 million copies sold.

Yet Sony is still not satisfied and, as of August 12, Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered will also land on PC.

An extremely clever marketing move, which we are sure will see staggering figures once again. We have already had the opportunity to review Insomniac’s recent works, but in recent weeks we have spent a few more dozen hours dangling between the skyscrapers of New York. Needless to say, on PC, the title works perfectly, enjoying all the technical improvements possible only for an ecosystem different from that of consoles. But today we are here to tell you about our personal experience with Marvel’s Spider-Man, or our test on Bunch of steam. But first some context.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is a third-person action movie directed by Ryan Smith, Brian Horton, Bryan Intihar And Marco Smith. A title that mixes the free-flow-combat mechanics we’ve come to love in Batman: Arkham Asylum with the typical exploration of the games of the past Webweave. The result is a magnificent work to look at and damn fun to play. There will be no particularly innovative game mechanics, but this does not prevent the title from becoming a must-have not only for lovers of Spidermanbut for all those who, more generally, appreciate action games.

This is accompanied by a reinterpretation of the origins of Spider among the most successful ever seen. The Peter of the universe conceived by the Californian team is simply perfect, mixing adolescent shyness with the typical determination of the character created by Stan Lee And Steve Ditko. The same can be said of all the supporting actors, who seemed convincing from every point of view. The entire narrative evolution has been able to excite us in several points, positioning itself clearly above the recent cinematographic transpositions of Spidey. A real gem for all wonder fan.

Marvel's Spider-Man remastered


When we started Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on the Steam Deck we were really scared. A bit because the game is visually very complex and a bit because you never know how much the devs have decided to work on compatibility with the branded machine Valve. Sleepless and Nixx software however, they did their best to be able to run everything on the aforementioned portable console. And they did it great.

Experiencing the adventures of Spidey on the Steam Deck was simply magnificent. With some graphic compromises (but not too much), we managed to run the title with a frame rate never lower than 30 FPS. A little magic, if you think about how complex the title is and how much the Valve platform is still at the beginning of its “career”.

We were therefore able to play Marvel’s Spider-Man even under the covers (a metaphor, given the summer heat), on the train and on the royal throne (aka the bathroom), enjoying every moment spent fluttering between the buildings of New York. The attention of Sony, and of many of the software houses related to it, towards Steam Deck is simply commendable and we can only be absolutely happy about it. Until a few years ago, the idea of ​​playing Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of war, Final Fantasy VII Remake and this portability Spider-Man was just insane. Yet now it is reality.

We don’t want to go around it too much: if you haven’t played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5now you are simply obliged to do so. Furthermore, if you are in possession of Steam Deck, the Insomniac title is undoubtedly one of the experiences that we most recommend you to recover. This is the umpteenth confirmation that doing console war now makes little sense and that everyone, sooner or later, should have the opportunity to put their hand to the funniest titles of each generation. And Marvel’s Spider-Man definitely falls into this category.

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