Marta Peñate is excited to learn that she is leaving Playa Parasito in ‘SV 2022’: “It has taught me to love myself more”

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Although it had already been announced in ‘Nobody’s Land’, during the twelfth gala of ‘Survivors 2022’ led by Jorge Javier Vázquez it became effective: the unification of Marta Peñate with the rest of the contestants. The former big sister has spent six consecutive weeks at Playa Parasito, the location where each of those expelled from the main group went to measure themselves in a final duel, which decided who would definitively return to Spain. Desi Rodríguez, Anuar Beno, Tania Medina and Kiko Matamoros have been the companions she has sent back home, which has shown that she has become one of the great favorites of the audience.

At the beginning of the gala, the presenter announced to the contestant that her stay at Playa Parasito had come to an end, causing her emotion. It should be remembered that Marta had carried out a strike weeks ago in order to demand from the organization of ‘Survivors 2022’ the unification of her with the rest of her colleagues. As she herself recognized, she could not stand the loneliness of this location, although she soon overcame that insecurity and fear, becoming a magnificent survivor, but also a contestant. From the presenters to the colleagues who have been expelled from her, everyone has recognized that she deserves to be the winner of the twenty-first edition of the reality show.

“Thank you Parasite Beach because you have taught me a lot”

Once Jorge Javier informed Marta Peñate that he was going to leave Playa Parasito to unify with the main group, the contestant was instantly excited. “Deep down, I’ve been very happy here,” she admitted to the presenter through tears. “I know it seems pathetic because I’ve been pissed off and wanted to leave, but this has taught me a lot: to be alone, to love myself more,” added later the one who is shaping up as a great favorite to win ‘Survivors 2022’.

Marta Peñate is excited to learn that she is leaving Playa Parasito |  Source: telecinco.esMarta Peñate is excited to learn that she is leaving Playa Parasito | Source:

Before finishing her emotional speech, which raised applause from the audience gathered on the set of Telecinco, Marta wanted to thank Playa Parasito for how much it has taught her. Later, Jorge Javier informed him that the unification was not instantaneous, but that technically it did start during the gala. After that, he gave her a minute to collect her things and put them on the boat that would take him to her new home. The Canarian took her bikinis and outerwear, but, once time had run out, she realized that she had forgotten the stone that she had named after her boyfriend, Tony Spina, and the famous panties from her friend Desi.

This will be the unification of Marta Peñate

Marta Peñate got on a boat that headed for Cayo Paloma, one of the toughest locations in ‘Survivors 2022’, where the possibilities of fishing, coconuts and shade to protect themselves from the sun are scarce. For her part, the new parasite of the week would join her at the end of the gala. Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants will remain until Sunday at Playa Parasito, the day they will join the parasites during the broadcast of ‘Connection Honduras’.

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