María Jesús Ruiz could be pregnant according to ‘Socialité’

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The Miss could be experiencing a great moment as a result of a possible pregnancy, information that ‘Socialité’ has accessed.

María Jesús Ruiz could be pregnant according to 'Socialité'

It had been a long time since there had been any news of María Jesús Ruiz. The former winner of ‘GH VIP’ settled down with her new partner and moved away from television when it comes to personal issues. It is true that she has continued to be a collaborator in some programs, as has been the case with ‘Survivors 2022’, but nothing is known about her plots.

Well, now it seems that María Jesús Ruiz is beginning a new stage in her life and ‘Socialité’ has been the program that has had access to a testimony that reveals a possible pregnancy. The program has broadcast the words of the person who coincided with her in a medical consultation: “I was about two months pregnant. On Wednesday we were in the hospital, in the waiting room, María Jesús Ruiz arrived with San Juan’s boyfriend” , he began by saying.

María Jesús Ruiz and her boyfriend Curro visiting a winery in MalagaMaría Jesús Ruiz and her boyfriend Curro visiting a winery in Malaga

“When they asked her at the hospital what was wrong, she told her that she was pregnant and that she had a lot of discomfort and that she was going to control her pregnancy. She went to the delivery room, to the waiting room where we were and there, commenting, she was saying that she was pregnant, They saw her and when she came out she said that everything was fine. She was there for about two hours or so. She was talking to all the people who were there, “he said, referring to the little care he had if he did not want anyone to find out.

Confirming but not confirming

From the program they have wanted to contact María Jesús Ruiz and the Miss has picked up the phone thanking the congratulations on her pregnancy: “Thank you very much but I’m not going to make any statement, okay? It’s Sunday, it’s 11 in the morning and I’m with the girl resting”. After this, the model seems to have realized that she had confirmed the news and she has called again.

María Jesús Ruiz kissing with her boyfriend CurroMaría Jesús Ruiz kissing with her boyfriend Curro

One of the editors of the program has said that she called again and said: “It is not that I confirm it, a pregnancy cannot be hidden, if it comes it will be seen.” It seems that María Jesús Ruiz would not want the pregnancy to be known yet, either because it is still early according to what the witness said or because she had planned an exclusive to announce her state of good hope.


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