Manifest Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Plotline

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Ever since Manifest Season 4 was announced cancelled, the fans had been working day and night, trending #SaveManifest on Twitter and demanded to take back the cancellation decision. With record viewing figures increasing and hinting that the show could be back and creator Jake Rake responding with, “Let’s do this”, it looks like it will be back after all.

Let’s Recap

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Manifest Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Plot Line

The show follows a group of airline passengers that disappeared one day, presumed dead, and returned after five years. The show focuses on their struggle to readjust in life.

It is later revealed that the incident might not have just been a weird anomaly. There is something more significant at play and some characters are destined for something greater than they can fathom.

Expected Cast and Release Date

Nothing can be said about the release date, given that the show hasn’t yet been confirmed for renewal. However, season 3 aired recently on April 1, 2022. So if the show does happen, it will take some time.

The same goes for the cast as well. With no confirmation, it’s tough to say who will reappear and who won’t. However, we can expect the lead actors to return, i.e. Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela), Matt Long (Zeke), J. R. Ramirez (Jared), etc. Some other recurring characters to have constantly appeared through the three seasons may also appear.

Expected Fan Plotline

It looks like Season 4 if there is one, will focus once again on the Zeke-Michaela-Jared love triangle from Season 1. This could be a mistake on the creators’ part since it was done and dusted when Zeke and Michaela got married towards the end of Season 3. However, unrest in their life was hinted at when Zeke believed Michaela still had feelings for Jared. Moreover, when Zeke said in the finale, “we need to talk”, it only made it more evident that the marital bonds could be in jeopardy.


Manifest Season 4 should be back, given its rising popularity. The original plan for six seasons should be executed as the show got interesting with every passing episode. The suspense, thrill, love angles, etc., left everyone asking for more.

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