Manifest has big mystery to solve with Cal at the end

The time travel in Manifest is complicated by Cal’s stories in the show’s fourth season. Even though it has yet to be fully confirmed, time travel is heavily theorized as at least part of the explanation for what actually happened to Flight 828.

Revelations about Al-Zuras in season two, followed by major twists with Cal and Captain Daly, strengthened and affirmed that Manifest it’s a story about time travel, not resurrection. The series gave a good hint of time travel when it revealed a new version of Cal at the end of season 3.

A few hours after touching the tail of Flight 828 and disappearing, Cal returned five years older. After this shocking turn of events, series showrunner Jeff Rake commented via Tudum about the event and the release of the season four trailer.

not trailer of Manifest, Cal is arrested by the police because he shows up at the scene of Grace’s murder. As for where he’s been, Rake mentioned that there’s “a sort of amnesia” with Cal regarding what happened to him. Rake added that despite his new “grown-up” appearance, Cal “is still a little boy.”

The time travel in Manifest

Cal creates a big fuss around what Manifest, shows related to time travel. What happens at the end of season 3, was confirmation that time travel finally existed, as Cal claims he knew what to do, and this strongly shows that he had some important answers for the passengers.

Also, his aging meant that Cal was lost somewhere in the timeline for 5 years. However, those two assumptions about the story of Season 4 are now in doubt.

Rake’s comment about Cal still being a “little boy” in the psychological sense could mean that instead of traveling back in time for years, the Callings brought him to his correct age. After all, his age would be 17 if he hadn’t disappeared.

The series may delay the time travel reveal

Cal did not unravel the mystery of the time travel theory, however, it does indicate that Manifest you will be putting off revelations that will make sense of many things. Cal having some sort of amnesia, gives the series an opportunity to have to give an immediate explanation as to where or when the character touched his tail.

Rake’s comments about Cal’s age cause further confusion as to whether or not the character has traveled through time. Time travel is still an answer we’re likely to get in the show’s next season. While Rake’s comments about Cal’s age caused more confusion as to whether or not he traveled through time.

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Regardless of what happened to Cal, there is plenty of evidence to support time travel theories. Passengers do not age after five years on the flight in Manifest. Also, we need to remember what happened to the captain and the silver dragon, seen by Al Zuras and his crew in the 15th century.

Based on a call experienced by passengers, it appears that Flight 828 and Al Zuras’ ship briefly co-existed at the same location and time.

Additionally, Captain Daly wearing his pilot’s uniform during his cameo in the Season 3 finale indicates that he is the 2013 version of the character. So even though the series will still remain a mystery in the next few episodes, there’s still a sense that time travel is part of the mystery.

So, do you believe in this theory of Manifest? Are you looking forward to Season 4?

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