Man Found Dead After Suspected Overnight Motorcycle Crash

An incident took place on the Westside Parkway, a man got crushed by the motorcycle overnight and was declared dead on the spot. CHP Bakersfield and Bakersfield were investigating the scene. The accident took place at night and was immediately informed to the Police Department.

Moreover, the man was found dead, he was aged nearly 65 years old and lived in California and was found crashed on the Westside Parkway. The incident come to address when the Bakersfield Communication Center got a call from the police department of Bakersfield suggesting that they were on the crucial injury accident on the eastbound Westside Parkway west of Coffee Road.

The CHP said that the old man was travelling eastbound on his bike and was driving at a high speed and the incident took place when the man did not take a left-hand curve on the road. In addition, he entered via the curve, leaving the street. Further, he added he got stuck on a chain-link fence and ejected from the bike.

Body of a 65 Years Old Man


The victim body and his bike were too cold to touch say officers when arrived at that location. It was said that the incident took place at night that’s why the bike and the body were cold. During the night no one witnesses the crash and it is unknown whether this was just an accident or any kind of planned murder or involving any sort of alcohol or drugs trafficking says, CHP. Accidents these days are very common due to the negligence of wearing safety wears or helmets.  If anybody know any information related to this accident is requested to inform the Bakersfield Area CHP at 661-396-6600.

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