Lucifer Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Every Important Update

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Lucifer is one of Netflix’s most popular shows and it was considered to have concluded after season 5. However, Fox revealed that there will be a 6th season for Lucifer on Netflix, which will also be the series’ final season. Before this announcement, Tom Ellis’ continued engagement had everyone thinking about a new season.

 Lucifer Season 6
What’s on

At the beginning of the year 2020, there were reports that Netflix was planning to renew the series, and people began to get their hopes high. Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich signed for the 6th season near the verge of February 2020, whereas Tom Ellis signed in May of the same year. The 6th season will be the final season, according to the official announcement made on June 23, 2020.

When is Lucifer Coming Back with Its 6th Season?

The actual release date of the last and final season of Lucifer is still unknown, however, given that COVID-19 has caused a delay in filming, we may assume it to get released around early 2022. However, once the production of the most anticipated season of Lucifer is complete and everything is ready to go, we will all be notified of the launch date by a confirmed source a few days ahead of time. So, until then, we may look forward to seeing the final season.

 Lucifer Season 6

Spoiler Alert for Lucifer Season 6!

Well, it’s probably best not to get too far into Season 6, else, the fans will know what’s going to happen ahead of time and lose interest. If you’ve seen the previous season, you’ll know that Lucifer has left, Michael has defeated the winds, and Chloe has resigned from the LAPD.

 Lucifer Season 6
The Teal

The 6th season will begin with a time jump, according to one of the exclusive sources. Because everyone got what they wanted to have in the 5th season, the forthcoming season will in some ways show what happens after they all get what they desire. All of this will be super exciting to watch, so keep your snacks ready to binge-watch the next season.


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