“Love My Viscount”

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last episode of bridgeton Season 2 (“Love My Viscount”), written by Jess Brownell and directed by Cheryl Dunye, has so much going on that even an oversized 70 minutes isn’t enough to do all these characters and stories justice. For example, whatever Benedict has to say about Anthony’s donation to the Royal School of Art to secure Benedict’s place there, we’re straight to the point. Benedict was usually the most ruthless of the Bridgeton family, but even so, he was remarkably forgiving, as Anthony’s donation apparently eroded his confidence in himself. Likewise, Colin’s discovery of the truth about Jack’s cousin’s plan was rushed, and I wish we had more time to watch Colin uncover the truth. He’s been looking for a target all season, so why not link it to his investigation of cousin Jack? This is what he’s going to do! It could also better fit Willmond Ridge and his new club into the larger story, but the whole subplot pops up in the final two hours of the season.

Just as Colin’s storyline burns quickly, so does the resolution of Kate and Anthony’s story. It’s not even about the sex scenes – though, I’m sure a lot of people will complain about the lack of sex scenes – but after all this anxiety and drama, we barely have time to enjoy Kate and Anthony as a happy couple. Daphne and Simon had at least their “honeymoon episode” before their drama broke out again, but Kate and Anthony only had a brief moment before their Pall Mall game as their amazing (and extremely competitive) couple. After accumulating so many returns, it’s just a little bit deflating. Romance is ultimately about happy endings, but the happy ending here is almost a blink of an eye and you’ll miss it.

Bridgeton 208A

Another missed opportunity was Kate and Lady Mary reconciling before the Fetherington ball. We finally have an estimate of how Kate confused duty and love after her parents passed away, and I hope this is teased out more thoroughly throughout the season. On the one hand, you have Kate denying her feelings because she feels she owes Mary, and that (somehow) translates to doing whatever it takes to ensure Edwina’s best. Anthony, on the other hand, is trying to fill the void left by his father – at least Violet finally realizes it – but what’s missing is that these two parallel responses to a child who has lost a parent are the clues that tie Kate and Anthony together together. It wasn’t just their physical attraction, but they shared a special experience that allowed them to get to know each other better in a way no one else could. And yet we don’t get any of that, Kate and Anthony’s story has no thematic consistency.

Bridgeton 208B

However, this is not a complete loss. Mrs Fetherington had fun sending Cousin Jack to pack – although it’s not clear to me if Colin lost the money and rewinding multiple times didn’t fix the issue – between Eloise and Penelope Combat is devastating. Another reason to wish these last few episodes were better paced is to provide more room for a confrontation between Eloise and Pen when Eloise finds out Penelope is Lady Whistledown. It was a horrific and painful battle, and it really felt like the worst of friends breaking up, and their respective hurts were palpable.It’s a great scene, performed by Claudia Jessie and Nicola Coughlan, I just wish it had more room in this episode because this brawl would have a big impact, it couldn’t have been, and it should have taken up more A lot of story space and breathing to really allow us to sit together and destroy this friendship as bad as a breakup bridgeton seen.

Bridgeton 208C

In fact, the Bridgeton family now seems destined to be on the wrong side of Ms W’s pen. The Queen may have taken their bacon out of the fire – or whatever – because the wedding was ruined, but after Eloise’s harsh words to Penelope and Colin’s rudeness to her Between ruthless disregard, Ms W seems certain it won’t be so easy anymore in Bridgetown. Not that it was “easy” to expose Marina Thompson or Eloise, but in fact the only time Ms. W targeted the Bridgetons was to save them from a more serious scandal, and I don’t think that’s going to be the case in the future. Considering the most laid-back of the Bridgeton family is the biggest scandal of them all, it makes one wonder how the events of Benedict’s next season will unfold. Anyhow, gentle readers, someone please introduce Edwina to that lovely Prince of Prussia!

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