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Live a life it took 28 years to get out of the Japanese market. And once the title of Square EnixI have some doubts as to why. A title that was also released in 1994 by us, the fans of Role playing game they would certainly remember with pleasure. To be placed alongside milestones such as Chrono trigger And Final Fantasy VIbecause at the time it would certainly not have been outdone. Instead he was forced to stay in his homeland, until Square Enix herself decided to give him the treatment. HD-2D and to export it, to the delight of the owners of Nintendo Switch. The grandfather of Octopath traveler is available from the end of July in both digital and physical format, but will it really be worth waiting these twenty-eight years before getting your hands on it?

Seven stories for seven games

The comparison with Octopath Traveler is certainly not accidental, indeed the two titles share much more than the mere graphic aspect. Live a Live also collects seven self-contained stories to be addressed in the order you prefer, which will vary for the topics covered and for some aspects of the gameplay. Themes and dialogues that seem small nowadays, but that faced in the year of release would have seriously imposed the game as one of the best of that generation.

Each story is set in a different historical period, from prehistory to the distant future, passing through the Far westthe Chinese imperial and the present. The lowest common denominator of any story is the final enemy, a different incarnation of theI hate it. For the rest, there is no precise order in which to face the stories, and you can change the timeline at any time and switch to another protagonist.

The duration of the stories is also variable, ranging from stories of just under an hour (in visual novel style) to real turn-based adventures of almost five or six. Each setting is then curated by a different artist, detaching each chapter from the previous one and further enhancing the feeling of seven unique stories.

During the choice of the character there is a short opening on the relative adventure

“Live a Live is the precursor of many of the modern JRPGs” Another point in common with Octopath Traveler can be found in the search for True ending. In fact, once the seven adventures are completed, we will have an octave available, in which the stories will converge. Here the protagonists will be called to make a last effort, to put an end to the threat of Hatred. This is another aspect in which Live a Live is definitely among the best exponents of games for Super Nintendo. A precursor to many of the aspects we now take for granted in the genre.


The commonality between all seven stories is the battle phases. Phases in which our party will have to face any enemies on a chessboard. We will not have limitations of magic points for the abilities, but we will have to submit to a ATB (Active time bar) and the range of action of each single move. The peaks of difficulty of Live a Live are found mostly in secret boss battles, while for the rest there will always be a way to accumulate experience to make your way through the enemies.

live a life

The Shinobi adventure is one of the best, with two different endings

Obviously, the force that pushes Live to Live in the future or better, in the present, is certainly the technical aspect. HD-2D titles are always a joy to watch, for sprite cleansing and for most of the new visual effects that enhance the visual appearance of the work. To close it all, the wonderful soundtrack by Yoko Shimomuranow the leading name of videogame productions. For lovers of soundtracks, at the end of each chapter you can listen to the songs at will in the mode Jukebox.

Live a life is an unmissable title for JRPG lovers, aged wonderfully well also thanks to the HD-2D treatment. A production to be supported to ensure that what happened in 1994 does not happen again. This is also thanks to the complete Italian translation (and English dubbing) obviously unpublished in the year of release. And now we await the remake of Dragon Quest III.


Type of game

Live a Live is a turn-based RPG, remake of the eponymous title released in 1994 only in Japan.

How it was played

I played Live a Live on Nintendo Switch purely in portable mode, thanks to a code kindly offered by Nintendo.

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